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    CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT is a blue screen error like dpc watchdog violation. This error may appear suddenly with an error message in blue screen. That message is

    ‘Your PC ran into a problem that it couldn’t handle, and now it needs to restart. You can search for the error code online: CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT


    This blue screen error is a nightmare for any windows users. You may face it in windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 10. But i’ve come to write about it for windows 10. Because, Recently a huge number of windows 10 users have become victim of clock watchdog timeout error. I’ve read so many articles about this problem. I also got some good solutions that may help you to fix this watchdog error. But before that you should know the reasons of this blue screen of death.

    Causes of Clock Watchdog Timeout:

    These are the most common reasons of CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT.

    • Incorrectly configured or old corrupted drivers.
    • Corrupted windows registry.
    • Driver conflict after installing new driver.
    • Damaged or corrupted system file.
    • Malware infection.
    • Damaged disk drive.
    • RAM (Memory) corruption.

    Best Solutions for CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT:

    I’ve got these methods to fix this windows blue screen error from various blogs, articles and forums. I found these were working. But, I’m not giving you the guarantee it will work or not. Anyway, Let’s know these best methods to fix  CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT.

    Method 1: A System Restore can Fix any Blue Screen Errors

    This is my first recommended method. If you have a previous system restore point, Just restore your PC. A simple system restore can fix any blue screen errors. Some users may face clock watchdog timeout error after installing any drivers. For these victims, System restore is the best method to solve this error. This article may help you. Read: Ways to Do System Restore in Windows

    Method 2: Removing and Installing New Drivers can Fix clock watchdog timeout

    I’ve mentioned that old and corrupted drivers may cause this blue screen error in your Windows 10. In that case, You have some options to fix it. The most appalling method is removing your older drivers and installing latest drivers.

    Method 3: Windows Updates Solve so Many Problems

    Windows update comes with latest bug fixes. You can update your windows and see, If it solve your problem.

    Method 4: Updating BIOS may Fix CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT

    You should always keep up to date your system BIOS. An older system BIOS may become culprit for modern operating systems. If that OS is Windows, Clock watchdog timeout may appear any time. This is normal. So, Go to your PC/Laptop manufacture website and check for latest BIOS update. If you find any matched with your system model, Just update it. But be careful. A simple mistake may cause your system damage. So follow the instructions from that website or support forum.

    Method 5:Run System File Checker to Fix this Blue Screen Error

    This is another good method. Many peoples found it helpful. To run system file checker –

    • Press Windows Flag Key + X from keyboard.
    • Click on Command Prompt (Admin). You also can follow your own way to open command prompt as administrator.
    • Now type sfc /scannow and press Enter.
    • Wait for a few minutes. It will fix any system file related problem automatically by a simple restart.
    • After doing it, Your clock watchdog timeout may gone away.

    Method 6: Fix Registry Errors

    You can use third party registry cleaner application to fix registry errors. But never use unknown application. Cclaner, AVG tuner are two known registry cleaners.

    Method 7: Removing Malware

    At first scan your PC with good antivirus or other security applications. Then delete the viruses or malware from PC.

    Method 8: Refresh / Reset Windows

    If you find all of the methods failed to fix CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT, You can refresh or reset your Windows. Remember, It will restore your PC to windows default stage. So, You will loose your installed apps and softwares. You will need to install them again. Resetting PC will delete all of your personal files from local disk C. But it may fix the annoying blue screen error.

    Method 9: Clean Windows Installation Can Help

    I think, I should not tell anything in details about it. This is the ultimate suggestion to fix any kinds of windows related specially blue screen errors.

    Also Take Care of Somethings:

    Sometimes, Any third-party software and antivirus also may cause any blue screen error. In 2014, Many users faced dpc watchdog violation for AVG antivirus. Some peoples also reported about Norton and Avast. Recently, I’ve changed my antivirus and experience a good improvement of my Windows 10.  So, Try to find out, If any of your third-party programs is the culprit of CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT.

    Hope, All of these methods and suggestions will help you to fix CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT. If you know any better option, You are welcome to share with us.

    You also may find some threads about this CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT error on Microsoft Support forum.