Com.System.Patch Android – How to Remove

Com.System.Patch Android – How to Remove

August 2, 2018 By kirsten

    Com.System.Patch is not a virus. Many peoples think it is a virus. But it is an adware. So, It is not safe and should be removed from your android device. There are several ways to remove this adware. But i’ll tell you the simplest and easiest method so that you can remove this annoying unsafe program from your smartphone / tab very easily.

    How to Remove Com.System.Patch:

    This com system patch adware can be removed by following the steps below.

    360 security to remove Com.System.Patch

    Steps to Remove Com.System.Patch:

    1. Download 360 Security:

    At first you will need 360 security for android. So go to google play store. Search this app and install it on your android device. You can remove this app after removing the adware.

    2. Turn on 360 Security from Device Admin:

    • Go to Settings -> Security -> Device Administrators
    • Turn on 360 Security.
    • There you may also see com.system.patch. But don’t do anything on it.

    Com.System.Patch device admin android

    3. Final Step:

    This is the final step.

    • Just turn on Airplane mode.
    • Now, Restart your android phone / tab.
    • Then open 360 security.
    • Now go to App Manager and delete Com.System.Patch.
    • You may see a pop up box saying that this is a device admin.
    • Just de-activate it. Make sure you have de-activated it.
    • Sometimes, You may fail to de-activate it as well as delete that adware. In that case, Follow the 2 no. steps and try again.

    These are the best steps to remove com.system.patch. But you should use a security app for your android device. You also should use the apps like clean master. It will clean all junk files from your device and make your device faster and smooth.

    If you know any better solution to remove com.system.patch adware, You can share with us by comment.

    source: techanges