SEO Mistakes We are Doing Everyday

SEO Mistakes We are Doing Everyday

September 19, 2018 By kirsten

    Some peoples think that they know SEO very well. May be. But some of them use wrong techniques which may harm you instead of helping. Even many well established blogs lose their rank for this reason. You know very well that google updates their search algorithm regularly. So, If you wanna be a real SEO expert, You always have to study on SEO and understand the changes take place on search engines policy regularly.

    Anyway, I found several common mistakes that a webmaster can do anytime. Actually, there are many peoples who are doing these mistakes everyday. So, Everyone should be aware of these.

    Here are Some Common SEO Mistakes:

    Well here are they –

    1. Excessive Amount of Anchor Texts:

    Anchor text is important for SEO. But when you use it aggressively, It can be a dangerous thing. We use to for improving internal linking and also use for outbound linking. You can do it. But don’t place excessive anchor texts in your articles. It will make your article unnatural and spammy. Google may give your penalty for it.

    2. Spammy Guest Blogging:

    Guest blogging was an very important SEO technique. Nowadays, Search engines give high priority on only onpage SEO. So, It has been less important. Though it can play a good role. Still now, There are so many bloggers and webmasters who give high priority on guest articles and do this strategy so unnaturally which is totally wrong. These are the common SEO mistakes while they do guest blogging –

    • Over optimizing anchor texts that i mentioned above.
    • So, Many outbound links.
    • Several links to same website which looks unnatural.
    • Low quality & irrelevant content.
    • Posting similar (Duplicate) articles on many websites.

    Be careful. Don’t do these mistakes, If you have plan to give time on guest blogging.

    3. Keyword Stuffing:

    This is so crazy SEO strategy known as blackhat method which is totally prohibited. There are so many webmasters who are still doing this method to rank higher within a short time. But, It is totally a wrong method. Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other major search engines are aware of this technique. Some poeples may not understand what is keyword staffing. Read this post: to know what google says about it.

    This is a startup SEO mistakes. Beginners do it frequently. If you want to rank higher and well visitor experience, You must avoid this blackhat strategy. Search engine bots are now smart enough to understand the keyword stuffing. So, Don’t do it, If you don’t want to be blacklisted.

    4. Spammy & Low Quality Backlinks:

    I should recommend you to give more priority on onpage SEO than offpage. Because, If your onpage SEO is done well, You won’t need to give give priority on link building or any other offpage techniques. But still, It can help you to rank higher. Many webmasters believe that having more backlinks is must and it is the best method to rank higher. So, They choose blackhat methods instead of whitehat strategies. As a result, They get many low quality and spammy backlinks to their website. Which may help them temporarily. But after a few days, They may lose their search engine position. Even their contents may disappear from search engine for unnatural backlinking.

    That’s why, I always recommend my audience to make onpage SEO perfect and build links slowly and naturally.

    5. Targeting Totally Different Keywords for Single Post / Page:

    A SEO myth of this 2016 is targeting multiple keywords can help to rank higher. This is totally wrong. Yes, I also target multiple keywords. But my main focus keyword is the one that is the heart of my content. Else, I use other keywords related to the main topic. But, Some peoples target multiple keywords for a single article which are not related to each other. This is a serious SEO mistake. If you do it, Google or other search engines will be confused. Search engine bots won’t understand what is your article topic. So, It will surely prevent your content to be ranked higher.

    6. Using Meta Keywords:

    Meta keywords are dead. But still some peoples are using it. It can’t help you at all. But it can harm you a lot. From 2009, Google stopped using meta keywords tag in web ranking. Bing said that they take meta keywords as the signal of web spam. So, What should you do? You don’t need to use it. If you have a blog that is using it, I would suggest you to eliminate these meta keywords.

    7. Not Using a Good & Responsive Template:

    In 2015, After a google panda update, Many established websites lost their rank significantly. Because, High quality and responsive design has become a part of modern SEO. If you have not a high quality and responsive templates, You can’t expect good search ranking. It will be a great SEO mistake, If you don’t use a mobile friendly theme.

    These are the very common SEO mistakes that can ruin your website. So, Be careful!