Does Looking at Computer Screen Damage Eyes?

Does Looking at Computer Screen Damage Eyes?

August 11, 2019 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Nowadays most of the jobs are computer based. Many of us are included in online job. Else, technology has reached the every sphere of our general life. So, it’s obvious that the number of computer users have been increased also. The sadden part is that the more you spend time before screens, the more you are in risk of eyes strain or damage. In this case, granny’s words works like watching too much television can make your eyes go square.  Many studies show that 50 to 60 percent of computer workers suffer from eye strain and computer vision syndrome. So, it is really a worry full matter for the people who spend their quality time before screens.

    Computer Screen Making us Older its side effects to eyes

    Computer Screens Gives you Eyes Strain or Damage Your Eyes:

    Spending more than 3 hours a day before screens is really horrible for your eye’s health. It also occur computer vision syndrome (CVS). Let’s know all the details following this article.

    Symptoms of Damage Eyes If You Stare At Computer Screens:

    You can know if you are already having eye problem due to screen. There are many symptoms that indicate you may have eye strain. Let’s know them.

    • Headache
    • Fatigue
    • Itchy or irritated eye
    • Dry eye
    • Watery eye
    • Blurry vision
    • Difficulty to focus
    • Unable to recognize color
    • Burning sensation at eye

    Do you experience any of these above symptoms? If “Yes” then it’s time to go for an eye checkup.

    Dry Eye Disorder:

    NHS revealed that using computer screens for long time can cause dry eyes. In this condition your eye inflames due to lack of water in eye. The lack of water occurs because of oil secreting glands blockage. Well, it doesn’t affect on vision but only causes discomfort.

    Eye Strain:

    Eye strain is a kind of repetitive strain injury (RSI). Incorrect working conditions, insufficient eye rest and many more are responsible for it. There are many types of eye strain. One is constant glaring and another is the incorrect position of computer screen. Glare is two types of such as direct glare and indirect glare. Direct glare is when the screen light directly comes to your eyes and indirect glare is light reflection onto the eyes. These glares cause muscle fatigue as muscle struggle to look screens.

    How To Keep Safe Your Eyes From Computer Screens Damage:

    There is nothing to worry if you stare on your laptop for more than 3 hours. I would like to share some handy tips for your better eyesight.

    1. Blink after a While:

    If you think blinking is an automatic process. Well, it’s wrong. To prevent muscle tiredness I always keep blinking while operating electronics devices.  Actually many people forget to blink when they work attentively. That’s the reason your eyes get dried and you may feel irritation, itching and burning sensation.

    1. Increase or Decrease Brightness as Per Your Comfort:

    Higher level or lower level of brightness and contrast can cause headaches. Don’t force your eyes to see screen. You should adjust brightness to see properly.

    1. Follow 20-20-20 Rule:

    It’s one of my favorite mantra to follow always. I always take a break after 20 minutes of work for 20 seconds and look at 20 feet away. It is a muscle exercise for eye. It prevents fatigue and headaches.

    1. Enlarge Text Fonts:

      Smaller fonts make it hard to look. So, you can work with bigger fonts. It will save you from eye strain. It may look odd. But trust me; it is for your well being.

    All I can say is that looking at computer screens harm you eyes. Even it is not permanent damage but it is harmful. Else, there are also some health issues arise when you work for a long time by sitting before your PC.

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