Connect Cortana to Microsoft Health Account

Connect Cortana to Microsoft Health Account

September 26, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Cortana is one of an important part of windows 10. Well, Microsoft is working on every possible field to ensure their digital personal assistant work with all the possible apps and services. This company is committed to supply its bands to the users. This wearable is now updated to build a connection between Cortana and Microsoft Health Account. This company has able the option to connect their personal digital assistant with Microsoft health account. It will help you to track your several fitness related measurements like it will count how much calorie you are taking, how many steps you are walking and many more.

    It is not available for the users through the world. It is only found in accounts pages where their digital assistant is connected with the digital integrations assistants with apps which are Uber, Office 365, Linkedin and Xbox Live.

    Connecting Cortana with Microsoft Health Account:

    It is a decent addition even it is not globally available for its users. The sadden part is that it is only available in USA. Well, it is working to launch third party integrations to Cortana. Well, linking Cortana and Microsoft health account will make it easier to get reaction from friends by sharing health or activities statistics on the web. It’s only for the band users who want to be aware about wellness goals. Connecting it once, it will show your activity progress in your band.

    If you are living in USA regions and want to connect digital assistant with account then follow the steps below.

    1. If you have Microsoft health account and it is not connected then open Cortana by clicking on circle icon.
    2. Now scroll down and you may notify a message about being user.
    3. If so, you will see Connect at the bottom.
    4. You can skip the next section and now you are done.

    If Windows 10 doesn’t recognize your account anyhow or don’t get opt-in experience, then follow the steps.

    1. Open Cortana notebook by clicking on the second icon on the top.
    2. Select Connected Accounts.
    3. Now click on the Microsoft Health Account from the list and click Connect.

    Sign in your Microsoft Health Account Credentials.  Approve the permission to share health data with Cortana. Your Microsoft health account will appear as on and you can disconnect it later if you want by clicking on the display option “Disconnect”.

    So, that’s it. But within few months it can possibly available on your regions. Well, the process will be the same when it will be released all over the world.