How to Convert Complex PDF to Excel

How to Convert Complex PDF to Excel

October 8, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Reusing PDF information and data has become easier with the development of PDF conversion tools and apps. Depending on the type of PDF to Excel converter that you use, you generally only need to upload your PDF to a conversion website or open it in a desktop PDF converter or mobile app, click a button or two and wait for your output in Excel.

    However, not all PDF converters are made the same. For example, most simple PDF tools that are offered online for free will convert the entire PDF for you to Excel. MS Excel users like data analysts and accountants usually need to convert only tabular data, not the text that surrounds it. The conversion outcome is, therefore, a spreadsheet with lots of unnecessary and unwanted information and content that will need to be deleted in order to analyze or edit tabular and numerical data from tables.

    Extracting tabular PDF data only into your Excel spreadsheets will require a more robust and advanced PDF software that will allow you to specify what you want to convert from PDF to Excel. When it comes to advanced PDF to Excel conversion capabilities, the software that first comes to mind is Able2Extract Professional. So let’s see how you can quickly and accurately extract tables only from PDF to Excel.

    How to Only Extract Tables from PDF to Excel with Able2Extract Pro

    1. Open the desired PDF file in Able2Extract.

    The quickest way to do that is to locate and click on the Open icon which looks just like a folder, then browse your hard drive and select the PDF for conversion.

    1. Select the area you want to convert to Excel

    Using the select tool, click on All to convert the entire document (for smaller files) or Area to convert just the part of PDF that contains the tables you want to export into Excel.

    1. Click the Excel icon in the section Convert to file type.
      converting pdf excel able2extract pro 1
    2. The Convert to Excel dialog box will appear on your screen.

    In the bottom left corner, you will see the Settings icon (see image below).
    converting pdf excel able2extract pro 2

    1. Click on it and then check the box Extract Tables Only. To confirm your settings, click on the OK button.
      converting pdf excel able2extract pro 3
    2. The last step is to perform the PDF to Excel conversion.

    Click on the Convert button that located under the Automatic conversion option in the Convert to Excel dialog box and specify where you want to save your new spreadsheet.

    converting pdf excel able2extract pro 4

    As you can see in the image, Able2Extract precisely converted the tables from your PDF file, while the surrounding unnecessary text is excluded.

    Able2Extract Professional is renowned for its custom PDF to Excel conversion and for good reason, the output spreadsheet requires no further fine tuning, you’re good to go. You can immediately start extracting your PDF tabular data to MS Excel with Able2Extract. Download a free trial here and try it out for 7 days.