8 Cool Things Android Phone Users Can Do Right Now

8 Cool Things Android Phone Users Can Do Right Now

October 8, 2018 By alberto

    As an avid Android phone user, I am in love with the Google’s perks and features. There is always a controversial debate between iOS and Android operating system. But, there are a lot of peaks and innovative features for what Google operating system has more users than Apple’s iOS. An Android phone user can use his phone at the best level for his daily life activity. You won’t believe there are limitless cool things you can do with your Android phone right now.

    Android Phone Users Can Enjoy These Cool Things:

    To dig every possible feature, you have to root your phone. You may have so many reasons to root your Android device but there are also some risks of rooting. Surprisingly there are many hidden and unknown cool features you can enjoy without rooting.

    Today I am about to write about coolest things you can enjoy on your Android phones with a few clicks away. I know you won’t believe until you try them on your own.

    1. Experience Improved WiFi Usage:

    You can save your data usage, time, phone’s battery usage with a little bit WiFi settings change, did you know that?

    • Navigate to Chrome
    • Go to Settings > Data Saver.
    • Now, turn on Data saver.

    This setting will save up to 30% of your data usage.

    You are downloading something but your phone’s display is getting off after a while and your downloading is unable to finish. In this case, you know the real pain. If you want to keep WiFi on during sleep than follow the steps.

    • Head to Settings of your phone.
    • Go to WiFi and click on three dots.
    • Select Advanced > Keep WiFi on during sleep.
    • Now, select Always.

    Some user may want to minimize battery usage while running WiFi on. They can tick beside the WiFi optimization (Minimize battery usage when WiFi is on). It will save the battery power while Wifi is on.

    1. Use “Ok Google” Voice Search:

    Just like Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri, Android’s Ok Google has many flexible features. From sending calls to playing songs, it offers you unlimited things.

    Open Google Search on your android device and click on the microphone icon or say “Ok Google” and you need to say whatever you required. For example, say “send an email or message to Hasibul Kabir, Can I get your appointment for Thursday”. Weather forecast is also at your door.

    To know about weather, you can ask “Is it a sunny or a rainy day?” Ask about traffic “How is the traffic at south zone?”

    A song is playing on in the cafe and you want to listen it when you go back to home. Ask to Ok Google “what’s that song?” You can also know about research by asking only.

    1. Access Visited Pages without Data Connection:

    Reading an important blog and you’ve got some other urgent work to do instantly, in that case, android has the best option for you. If you’re a chrome user then you can find a cached version of any pages you have visited. Paste this chrome://flags#show-saved-copy on your chrome browser. Now, change the setting to Enabled: Primary. So, you’ll see a Saved Copy button when you visit a page and won’t need to load again.

    1. Device Administrators to Find Lost or Stolen Phone:

    It’s not now that much hard to find or wipe the stolen android phones. You just need to enable Android device manager. Unfortunately, it is not pre-enabled. So, you have to make this enabled by your own. It’s a handy tool that let you track your stolen phone, remotely lock, ring or delete the contents of that phone.

    • Go to Settings app.
    • Head to Security.
    • Select Device Administrators from the below.
    • Now, tick the box beside Android Device Manager.

    There is another smartest feature for Android user to get back lost phone. You can set your name, number, email and address to phone’s lock screen display. So, if it gets lost and someone found it can give you back following your given details on lock screen display.

    • Click on Settings app.
    • Navigate to Security > Show owner info on lock screen.
    • Now, write down your name, address, phone number and email.

    Samsung user can set it up through Settings > Lock Screen > Lock Screen Widgets > Owner Information.

    1. Change Colors:

    Changing the color of your smartphone display is beyond cool. You can invert colors as per your mood and time. Like, you can make your screen more readable and soothing for eyes at night.

    • Go to Settings from the phone.
    • Tap on Accessibility > Negative Colors.
    • Toggle it on.

    Samsung users have different option “Smart Stay” for changing colors of the screen. They can follow this method on their android phones. Go to Settings > Display > Smart Stay and the handset will be in bright display when your eyes are on it.

    1. Connect Phone With PC:

    Among all those available apps on Goggle Play Store, I found Pushbullet at the higher peak for its multitasking functionality. You can transfer links from phone to PC/tablet, PC to tablet/phone or phone to other devices. It transfers all type files between PC and phones. This app can connect your android, phone, Chrome browser, PC, etc. You can also get calls, SMS and other notifications directly on your PC. So, why won’t you try Pushbullet now?

    1. Visit Opened Pages On Other Devices:

    Android offers you to visit all other open tabs in many devices if you’re signed to Chrome with same account. From Menu, Click on Other Devices and it will take you to those opened pages on other devices like magic.

    1. Text without Your Phone:

    Texting without your phone is really a cool thing. A game changer free third party app Mighty Text is a smart choice for many android users. So, next time when you’ve left your phone at home you don’t need to worry. You can receive text messages and send messages from web browser linked to your phone number.

    Exploring android’s world will never tend to come to an end. You can never know where the edge of it is. Boundless hidden features make the android user’s experience enjoyable and convert daily lifestyle in an easier way.