10 Coolest MS Word Tricks Can Make Life Easier

10 Coolest MS Word Tricks Can Make Life Easier

August 11, 2018 By kirsten

    It has no doubt that Microsoft Word is the most popular and the coolest word processor program with tons of features. It was first released on October 25, 1983. Now, It is full of modern user friendly features. Microsoft is still developing it to make our experience better. Almost all of us are using it. Sometimes, We may feel necessity to work more comfortably. Believe me, MS word has all these facilities that can make things easier. Problem is, Many of us are not aware of these features. There are some cool tricks that you can apply to improve your working experience.

    10 Coolest Microsoft Word Tricks:

    I use MS word regularly. So, I know how some features help me to make my work faster and easier. After researching, I found these features which are extremely useful for a regular or new user.

    1. Capitalization:

    This is the most useful feature for the users like me. If you forget to capitalize the first letter of several sentences, It can correct this mistake. Else, By using this feature, You can capitalize first letter of each word in a sentence, make all letters lowercase or make all uppercase. Even you can make all words started with lowercase letter. To use this feature –capitalization Microsoft Word

    • Just click on the Aa button in Home tab.
    • Then choose your preferred options.

    2. Hidden Text:

    This is another cool trick that you can use. Specially, It is extremely helpful for the teachers. Hidden text feature allows you to hide some texts or sentences from a word document. But, You will have the ability to unhide them anytime. Suppose, You are making short question sheet. You have plan to make another copy with answers. In this case, You won’t need to create separate word document. You can have all of these in one doc file and hide the answers. Then you can print it. Again, When you need the answers along with the questions, You can unhide them and print. Here the instructions:

    To hide a sentence or word –

    • Just the sentence or text. Then right click on it and choose Font. You also can press CTRL + D after selecting the texts.
    • In new window, Mark Hidden from the Effects section.
    • Now, You can print it normally.

    font window hide text ms word

    To display hidden texts –

    • Navigate to File > Options and open Display tab.
    • Now, Mark mark Hidden text and click on OK.

    Trick to display hidden text ms word

    It will just display the hidden texts. But it won’t print them.

    To print hidden texts –

    • In display tab, You will have more options. Just mark Print hidden text and click OK.

    Now, You you can print the full document with all hidden sentences.

    3. Macro:

    This is one of the best feature of modern microsoft word. It’s a cool thing for advanced users. But normal users can take benefits of it. Macro allow you to do same repeatable works more faster that you can’t even imagine. It is better to write another article on it. Because, It has so many usages. For example, You want to change font, color and size of some paragraphs of a bigger article. Normally, You will have to do the same work again and again for each paragraphs which will kill your valuable times. In that case, Macro can help you. It will record your work for one paragraphs. Then it will do that for other paragraphs that you want. Her are short instructions:Microsoft Word Macro Feature

    • Go to View tab in MS Word.
    • Click on Macro and then choose Record macro.
    • Then, Assign the keyboard shortcut or button.
    • After doing it, It will start record of your activity.
    • Select a paragraph and change its font and size.
    • Then, Stop recording.
    • Now, You can select any paragraph and use the keyboard shortcut that you have assigned before. It will automatically change the paragraph to your expected format.

    4. Inspect:

    If you are serious about privacy, Probably, You will like this trick more. When you create a word document, It contains some personal information and hidden data (Not sensitive). Microsoft word lets you remove them easily. To inspect a word document –

    check for issues inspect document ms word

    • Go to File > Info.
    • Click on Check for issues and choose Inspect document.
    • In new window, Click on Inspect.

    document inspector word

    • Now, Click on Remove all button next to the options you want to remove.

    5. Translate:

    Do you know the trick to translate any sentences in MS word? Probably yes. Again, Some users might not hear about it. You can translate a whole document or selected texts easily. To do it –

    translate ms office word

    • Just go to Review tab.
    • Now, Click on Translate.

    6. Removing all Formating:

    Sometimes, You may need to re-format your word document. If it is already set to a totally different format, You can easily remove all and get your contents as plain text. To clear existing formating:

    clear formating ms word

    • Click on Clear Formating button from the Home tab.

    7. Recovering Unsaved MS Word:

    Sometimes, You may work attentively and suddenly your PC crashes and restarts. OMG! You gonna lose your work? Not at all. Actually, There is a cool trick that can save you. You can easily restore unsaved microsoft word. Not only word, You can also recover your unsaved word from any Microsoft office programs like power point, excel etc.

    8. Screenshot:

    It is very easy to take a screenshot. Then save it and insert in word document. But, It will be more easier, If you know the cool trick to insert live screenshot from MS word! Yes, It has an awesome feature. To use it –

    • Just go to the Insert tab and click on Screenshot button.
    • Then pick your preferred options.

    9. Paste Options:

    What is it! Your favorite word processing software gives you the ability control paste options. So, You can do some tricks in copy paste functions. For example, You can exclude formating from pasting. In that case, Your any formated text will be pasted normally.

    copy paste options ms word

    • Just go to File > Options.
    • Open Advanced tab and loot into the Cut, copy and paste section.
    • Now, Configure how you want your copied contents to be pasted!

    10. Showing / Hiding Ribbon:

    Ribbon in MS word lets you pick necessary tools more quickly. But, It also takes more space in screen that many users may not like. But, You can easily hide or show it. You can do it in two ways. These are –

    show hide ribbon ms word

    • Just press CTRL + F1 from keyboard to hide / show ribbon.
    • Right click on any tab and select Collapse the ribbon to hide it. Do the same thing to get it back.

    These are some coolest tricks to improve your Microsoft word experience. There are also so many features that you may like. Yes, I know, You may complain why i have not include any different tricks in top 10 list. Actually, All of these are based on my own experience. I believe there will be many users who will also like them 🙂

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