What Cortana Can do in Windows 10

What Cortana Can do in Windows 10

October 4, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Being a Windows 10 user I always want Cortana to work for me. She is more than a Microsoft’s voice activated virtual assistant connected to Bing or Google as per you have made the settings. For me, she is always a good personal assistant. She has also voice commands and answers the questions you ask. If you think why Cortana is so useful or what she can do in windows 10 then you must go through this article.

    What Cortana Can do in Windows 10 PC and Mobile

    12 Things Cortana Can Do for You in Windows 10:

    Now there are few windows users may be left who don’t know Cortana’s several hidden talent. It notify you about your scheduled meetings, set alarms for you and sometimes also make you feel cheer by cracking decent jokes. But there is always more to discover. Let’s know about 12 cool things that Cortana can do for you.

    1. Control Music:

    Being a music lover I love cortana’s activity in my music app. She can play, pause, resume, repeat, go for the previous and next track. Else, you can also play specific songs by using voice commands like (play One Last Time), genres (Play rock), album (Backstreet’s Back), singers (play Brian Adams). In case, you are using other music app to groove on the basic commands are still be the same like skipping or pausing any track.

    1. Cortana Can Track Flights and Packages:

    If you need to know about any fights and packages then you would need their package’s tracking number. Just pasting the track numbers into the search box will show you correct information.

    1. Know About Weather:

    Cortana can show you instant update about weather in different locations. Weather will let you know about your current location’s weather status while Weather in location will update you about another city’s weather.

    1. Find Directions:

    Want to get directions? Well, Cortana will guide you to your destination. Tell Cortana directions to [location] Cortana will open windows 10 maps app with your destination’s directions.

    1. Launch Programs:

    If have already enabled hey Cortana voice shortcut Cortana then you have to only say launch Skype. It will automatically open that app.

    1. Set Alarms:

    Cortana not only can create reminders for you. It also set alarms. Tell her to set alarm for [time]. She will create an alarm for you and that will be saved in Alarms and Clock app.

    1. Create and Send Emails:

    It can also create and send emails for you. You just need to say write an email or say more specific like write an email to hasibul if the person is in your contact list. If you have a windows phone and she can do this to send text messages.

    1. Cortana Can answer Anything:

    To find any facts ask her anything. She uses Bing to answer your common questions. You can also force her to use goggle instead of Bing. To know anything ask her something like Where is the world’s highest railway station? Or which is the most intelligent bird? She will answer immediately your questions.

    1. Calculations and Currency Conversions:

    She can perform long and longest calculations for you. You can say aloud like hey Cortana what’s 789 times 67 plus 998 minus 220. But I like to type my calculations directly into the search box.

    You can also ask Cortana what is 290 dollars in euros? Otherwise you can also ask her to provide other currencies like 55 pounds to usd? You can also know other units in a same way.

    1. Find Files, Documents & Photos:

    Microsoft’s personal digital assistant can find your files or photos from windows 10. You can use natural language search to do so. For example, ask her to find photos from july or find documents about PowerPoint.

    1. She Can Sing and Identify a Song:

    She can sing some tunes for you. If you want to check out her singing talent then ask her sing a song for me or sing a lullaby for me.

    Else, she can hear song playing near you by using your PC’s microphone and identify that. Ask her what is this song? She will specifically identify the song. Well, this works with the well recorded tracks and won’t work with the live version.

    1. Turn on Airplane Mode:

    She can also make changes to your settings. Just say turn on Airplane Mode. She will turn off Wi-Fi, data connection and Bluetooth. This is the only setting Cortana can manipulate now. But in future we can see more functionality hopefully.

    Microsoft is about to bring Cortana in android and iPhone. Launching Cortana apps for these devices will make happen to use it even on non-windows smartphones too. So, you can get Cortana features all around you.