Cortana Voice Commands to Restart, Log Off or Shut Down PC

Cortana Voice Commands to Restart, Log Off or Shut Down PC

September 22, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    The personal digital assistant is quite helpful for the users of windows 10. It is being used to search files, track packages, search on the web, manage time & calendar and you can find any answers of your questions. Even using Cortana voice commands is not available in all regions; it is still the best and popular features of windows 10 PC users.  Well, it has generated much enthusiasm among all the windows loyalists. It has countless features to thrill on. When I was in search of interesting features that Microsoft has provided in the latest version of Windows 10 then I found some simpler methods. You can shut down your computers by using Cortana voice commands. Else, it also make easier to shut down log off and restart your PC.


    Use Cortana Voice Commands to Shut Down, Restart or Log Off PC:

    This article includes all the information for the readers to restart, log off, or shut down their computers by using Cortana voice commands. You won’t have to do much hardship to do all these now. Only the digital personal assistant’s voice commands make everything easier for you.

    Let’s know all the details now.

    First Step:

    • Open run command from the start menu or simply press Windows logo + R
    • Now paste the following path in the command box.
                 %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
    • Click on OK or press Enter

    Second Step:

    new shortcut right click

    • Now click on an empty area of programs folder. From the contextual menu select New > Shortcut.
    • In popup window, Give the shortcut location –

    To shutdown:

    • Type shutdown.exe -s -t 10. The 10 indicates that the PC will shut down after 10 seconds delay.

    shortcut shutdown cortana

    • Now click on Next button. On the next page type the shortcut as Shut Down and click on Finish.

    shut down shortcut

    • From the search bar at the bottom of your desktop click on the microphone icon.
    • Now, say hey Cortana to launch Cortana and say open shut down. This will initiates shut down process automatically after 10 seconds.

    hey cortana open shutdown

    To Restart Windows 10 PC:

    • Create new shortcut and name that as shutdown.exe –r. This r means restarting.
    • Click next and type restart on the pop-up windows, hit on Finish button.
    • Say hey Cortana by clicking on the microphone icon and tell Open Restart. This will initiate restarting instantly when it finds the restart shortcut according to your voice commands.

     Use Cortana Voice Command to Log Off:

    • Just like before open a shortcut and name as shutdown.exe –L. Hit on next and name this shortcut as Log Off and click on Finish button.
    • Now open microphone and say hey Cortana and tell Open Log Off.
    • You will see computer is starting its log off process.

    That’s it! I hope this may improve your windows 10 experience.