How to Create Facebook Profile Video

How to Create Facebook Profile Video

August 1, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Are you fade up with your facebook profile picture? Recently, Facebook has launched a new feature for you. That is facebook profile video! Yes! Now it’s time to say good bye to your static profile picture. You can add 7 seconds video to your profile. Now, Facebook profile video facility is available for iPhone users only.

    Creating an animated Facebook profile picture is pretty easy. Though, Only people using the Facebook app on Apple devices can make use of the feature. This feature is also currently available only in California and UK. Hopefully, It will be available everywhere soon.

    Create Facebook Profile Video:

    To create a profile video, You will require Facebook’s iOS app. So, If you have not installed it on your iPhone, Do it immediately. Then follow the instructions given below.

    how to facebook profile video

    • Launch Facebook app and tap on the more button from the lower-right corner.
    • Now tap on your name to open profile page.
    • Tap on the profile picture.
    • Then tap on video/picture icon.
    • Now select Take a New Profile Video or Upload Video or Photo.
    • You can record a video including audio. Video duration will be 7 seconds or shorter.
    • Once you have recorded profile video, You can preview it. Then choose thumbnail for this video.
    • If you think everything is OK, Tap on Save. Your shorter video will be uploaded as your Facebook profile video.
    • Now enjoy! Your profile video is live now.

    Watch How to Create Facebook Profile Video:

    Facebook doesn’t allow you to use longer video. Your profile video thumbnail will be showed in facebook news feed as profile picture. When someone visits your timeline, He/She will see your profile video. That means, Profile video will only work on your timeline.

    Profile video will only be shown, When someone visits your timeline via iOS Facebook app or Website. If anyone visits your timeline via Android app, He/She won’t see the profile video. But android app will say feature is coming soon.

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