How to Easily Create Jump Links in WordPress

How to Easily Create Jump Links in WordPress

August 8, 2018 By kirsten

    Sometimes, You may see some special anchor links in any articles. If you click that link, It will takes you to any specific part of a page or an article. These are known as jump links. Still confused? Click Here. Many beginners don’t know about it. But, You can easily create jump links in your content. Specially, It is very easy to create in WordPress platform. In this article, I’ll explain two easiest methods to it in WordPress.

    How to Create Jump Links in WordPress:

    Suppose, You have wrote an big article. You have separated it in 3 major parts. You just want to add an index like Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 in the article. And you want, If someone click on part 1, It will take him to the first important part of the article. By this way, You want to make part 2 and part 3 jump links. But how? You can make it by using wordpress plugin or html code. At first, You will show you the plugin method.

    1. Create a Jump Link by Using WordPress Plugin:

    TinyMCE Advanced is one of the most popular wordpress plugins. It makes this platform so easier. It lets users to create and edit any contents so easily. You can use TinyMCE Advanced to create jump links. Here is how –

    • First of all, Download and install TinyMCE Advanced.
    • In your WP admin dashboard, Go to Settings > TinyMCE Advanced.

    checking enabling editor menu

    • Check Enable the editor menu.
    • Then click on Save Changes.
    • Now, You can create new post or edit any existed posts.
    • In your writing window, You will see a new menu bar.
    • Anyway, Write and complete the article. Suppose, You have wrote the article in 3 parts. Part 1, 2 and 3. You want any one to click on Part 2 and he will be leaded to the specific second part of the article. So, First of all, Select the first line of that second part.
    • Now, In menu, Click on Insert and then click on Anchor.

    inserting anchor

    • Give a name. Example: Anchor2.
    • Now, Select Part 2 and click on Insert > Insert/Edit Link.

    inserting anchor link wordpress

    • Set the link as #Anchor2. Don’t use http or https. Just use hash before the name that you have set.
    • Now, You are done. Just publish or draft the article and preview it. When you click on Part 2, It will takes you to the second part of the article.

    Hope, You have understood what it jump links  and how to create it by a wordpress plugin.

    How to Create Jump Links by HTML Code:

    It is also a very easy method. You can create jump links by using a few html tags. So, Let’s start how to do it.

    • First of all, You have to view wordpress post box in text view. Just look at the top right corner of the post box. There you will see two label. Visual and Text. Click on Text.

    wp post text view

    • Now, Locate the second part of the article. Suppose second part’s first line is “Creating a jump link in wordpress”. In html text view it will be looks like –
    <h3>Creating a jump link in wordpress</h3>
    • You will have to give it an ID. Just give it as Anchor1. In html, You will have to make that line as –
    <h3 id="anchor1">Creating a jump link in wordpress</h3>
    • Just, Add id=”jump_link_name” in any html tags. It can be h3, h2, p, a etc.
    • After that, Back to Visual view mode.
    • Now, Select Part 1 and insert link as #anchor1 or
    • Done.

    By this way, You can easily create jump links. Actually jump links are necessary for a big article. Because, Most of the users want to read any specific part of a big article. In that case, Jump link can be helpful for them. And for a blogger, visitors’ satisfaction is very important.