Dark Web- What’s Hidden On The Other Side of Internet?

Dark Web- What’s Hidden On The Other Side of Internet?

November 22, 2015 By alberto

    If you’re quite a regular internet user, you might heard about the Dark Web and Deep Web. This is the invisible part of the internet which is tactically hidden from the common users of internet. You can’t but wonder after going deeper on the dark web and stuff going around there. So keep reading.
    Actually, there had been confusions around on the exact definitions of deep web and dark web. Let me clear the concept here-


    The Deep Web

    What is Dark Web and Deep Web?

    A massive section of internet world which can’t be accessed through web browsers like all of the general websites is called deep web. You need specific software, configuration and authentication to access any of the elements of deep web. And very truly, this is called deep web because of its massive data size and strength of network. According to the report of The Guardian, only 0.03% of the internet data can be accessed by general internet users. That means what you’ve been used since all of these years and what you can access in the internet, is literally a very tiny part of the web world. It had been said that 96% of the internet belongs to deep web and rest 4% is opened to the www (World Wide Web) network.

    As a matter of fact, those particular websites of deep web which are not capable to be browsed directly via search engines are called the Dark Web. These websites can only be browsed anonymously. And of course, the dark web is a very little part of the whole Deep Web!

    Stuff Going On Around Dark Web

    Now let’s move on to the most awaited part of this article, What’s Going On There in Deep Web? Basically, every illegal activists network that needs to maintain communication among the recruits worldwide uses deep web to communicate, offer, making business deals, transferring currency and so on.


    Deep Web Content

    Here is a brief list of the major deep web activities-

    • Hacking Services

      Many of the hackers sell their services either as a solo identity or as a group. Groups like hackforum, Trojanforge, Mazafaka etc takes up the major hacking markets.

    • Fraud and Fraud Services

      Criminal activists like different carding forums, fraud and counterfeiting services scam themselves through different websites over deep net.

    • Hitmen

      Since the very beginning of the dark web, many of the world’s brutal assassinations had been organized and executed by dark web hitmen communities. Still being unreachable, they’re increasing their strength of network. Hiring hitmen for execution, killing, bombing and forming suicide squad are often done through dark webs.

    • Darknet Markets

      Transactions of illegal drugs, arms, weapons and other goods are mediated through commercial darknet markets. A well-known example of darknet marketplace which had drawn significant media coverage is Silk Road.

    • Illegal Pornography

      Security services and corporations worldwide are always concerned with proper law enforcement and resistive actions against website distributors related to child pornography. Even around dark web, a large share of this illegal crime are being taken place and traded worldwide.

    Facts about Dark Web That Would Wonder You!

    Deep-Web-Content Dark Web

    Contents Around Deep Web

    • The Onion Domains

      Onion domains are part of the Onion Network which does hide the identity of the users and admins while they’re using the website if the deep web. It’s also a low-latency communication design to resist traffic analysis and surveillance.

    • It’s Not Only Drug!

      A common idea had been developed among the web surfers that, only drug deals are the major thing that happens over deep web. But surprisingly, a lot of other illegal activities, services and goods can be exchanged, ordered, delivered via deep web networks.

    • Buying and Selling with Virtual Currency

      what’s the best way to perform a economical deal without using bank accounts? Yes, it is using the virtual currency like bitcoin etc. A lot of services and stuff around dark web that deals with bitcoin exchange, laundering and escrow services. A lot of third parties are there to hold bitcoins to ensure a successful deal between the buyer and seller.

    • Reddit as A Communicator in Dark Web Zone

      Well, it may sound pretty surprising, but as a matter of fact, it had been discovered that dark web communities maintains their internal connection and network via Reddit! There are a lot of sub-forums where the dark web buyers and vendors exchange news, offers and maintain internal network connections.

    Going Dark- Ways to Access Dark Web

    Now after you’ve learned some of the interesting facts about dark web, you might be interested to explore it by yourself. Actually there are a number of ways to access dark web. The more secret a dark website, the more it becomes harder and specific to get on there. Some examples are Tor, Freenet or I2P. However I’m showing two simple methods and some common easy-to-access dark sites here in this article-

    Access The Dark Web: Method 1

    The most common and safe method of accessing the dark web is using the Tor Browser (Onion Router). It provides anonymity and secrecy to pass messages over Tor relays and networks. Instead of conventional web addresses, Tor uses ‘onion’ web addresses. There are specific search engines like Bing or Duck Duck Go for returning onion services for the Tor services.

    Access The Dark Web: Method 2

    Instead of using Tor browser directly to access dark web, you can also use Firefox. Firstly, you have to download the Tor Addon for Firefox. After downloading the Tor browser bundle from the Tor Project, anonymous access to the dark web will be ensured. Then entering any of the dark websites will directly lead you to anonymous access to the deep web.

    List of Some of The Important Dark Websites (Onion Links)

    1. Hidden Wiki- http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri. onion/
    2. The Tor Library (ebooks): http://am4wuhz3zifexz5u. onion/
    3. DuckDuckGo, an anonymous CLEAR WEB search engine: http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m. onion/
    4. Confess Your Secrets: secretsxsrvlpawm.onion
    5. SoylentNews: 7rmath4ro2of2a42. onion
    6. Question Everything: 3uxit3zzi4pu3iag. onion
    7. Jotunbane’s Reading Club: c3jemx2ube5v5zpg. onion
    8. Anonymous Cat Facts: 2v7ibl5u4pbemwiz. onion
    9. Yay Ponies! ponieslzi3ivbynd. onion
    10. Shadow Wallet: shadowcbzen24qda. onion
    11. ChatTor: Page on chattorci7bcgygp. onion