How to Deactivate and Delete a Twitter Account

How to Deactivate and Delete a Twitter Account

October 31, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Tweeting is one of an overwhelmed thing for some users.  It’s a great tool to keep you informed and entertained.  Are you done with your twitter account? Well, it can be your need to take a permanent break from social online drama. If you have made your mind to delete your account then you have to deactivate it first. Deleting it is an easy process with some steps.

    Ways to Deactivate and Delete a Twitter Account

    Deactivate & Delete Your Twitter Account Permanently:

    Twitter is an easy way to share your thoughts in 140 words. It’s not a surprise that users are posting 6000 tweets per second and viewing it to the whole world. You may need a privacy or you’re just bored with the trolls, hash tag trends, sponsored tweets, lack of civility, etc. Sometimes, you may want to create a new account so you want to delete your present twitter account. So, let’s go through the whole article to deactivate and delete the account.

    Is Twitter Safe?

    Twitter contains giant information about you. Like your name, user name, email, phone number, password, physical location and many more. If you have ever done any transaction it,  it will store your billing card information and address also. It also can monitor your using device. But these are nothing to worry about. You will have the option to remove them at any time. Else, they use all these information to show you the targeted ads. Twitter authority doesn’t disclose any kind of personal information except any serious circumstances. Like, they may have to share your information with the law enforcement agencies if necessitated by legally obligated for something illegal.

    So, there is nothing to delete regarding safety issue. You can check out your Twitter archive if you’re bothered about your account’s data information. Follow the steps to download archive. You can’t use a Smartphone’s app to do the settings. You have to use web browser for it.

    • Go to Twitter’s homepage by browser.
    • Log in by using your username and password.
    • In the top-right corner of the browser, click on the profile picture.
    • Now, click Settings.
    • Scroll down to find the Request your archive.
    • Click on that and you will get notification that it has received your request.
    • It will send you an email with a link of the archive.
    • Now, follow the link to download the archive.

    How Deactivation Works to Delete Twitter Account Permanently:

    As I said before, to delete your account you have to deactivate it first. Once you deactivate your account, it will remove all of your data from Twitter within a short time. Then your account will set for deletion after 30 days.  You may know you can get back your account. But twitter announced the feature is not available now. So, you’re going to delete it permanently.

    Let’s know the steps to delete twitter account permanently.

    • Open browser and go to
    • Click on the Profile picture located on top-right corner of the page and select Profile.
    • Choose Settings and scroll down to the page and click on ‘Deactivate my account’ at the bottom.
    • Read all the information on the page and then Click on Deactivate button.
    • Now, you need to type password to make sure you really want to deactivate your account.
    • You just have to wait for 30 days now and you’re free then.

    After deactivation some of your contents may show on Google or Bing search but they will wipe away.  So, you have just nothing worry about deleting your twitter account.