How to Delete All Items from Outlook Calendar at Once

How to Delete All Items from Outlook Calendar at Once

August 18, 2018 By kirsten

    Outlook calendar is a popular service from Microsoft. It is really helpful. But, Sometimes so many tasks in your calendar can create so many notifications. It is so much annoying. There is a way to stop these notifications. You may know it. But, Among you, There are some users who really want to delete all items and entries from it. If you have so many things in calendar, It may take much time. Specially, Who have connected it with facebook or any other social media, They may have thousands of birthday entries. It will be a foolish decision, If you want to delete them one by one. In this article, You will know how you can do it within a short time.

    Deleting All Outlook Calendar Entries At Once

    Delete Outlook Calendar Items / Entries:

    It is very easy to do. Perhaps, You will be feeling fool yourself after knowing it. Here are all you will have to do.

    How to Delete All Calendar Entries at Once:

    If you wish to save your time, Here are the instructions to follow.


    • In navigation bar, You should see the settings icon. Just click on it.
    • Now, Click on Options.
    • Then, You will have to create a new calendar as you are not allowed to delete your primary calendar. Just click on “Add a new calendar” and finish creating. Then make it primary.
    • After that go to the options again, If you are redirected from that window. Set it as your primary calendar.
    • Now, Click on the previous calendar name.
    • Then, Just click on the Delete button from the navigation bar.

    Note: If you delete a single calendar, It will also clear all entries from there.

    Delete One by One:

    If you wish to delete entries one by one, You can go forward. Here are the things to do:

    • Go to outlook calendar home page.
    • Click on an entry. You will see a popup box.
    • Just click on Delete button.
    • Done.

    I hope, This article will help you.