How to Delete Instagram Account

How to Delete Instagram Account

October 20, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    You want to delete your Instagram account. So, you’re here! Deleting Instagram means you’re removing all of your information, contents, and data. The process is complicated whether it’s on your computer or mobile device to delete the account.

    Even though Instagram is celebrating 500 million users milestone but everyone doesn’t want to stay with it. 300 million users use Instagram on a daily basis.

    Disable Temporarily & Delete Permanently Instagram Account:

    It’s cool to share every kind of pictures on Instagram but you may need a break for now. Today, I will let you all know how to disable/deactivate temporarily account as well as delete Instagram on PC or mobile.

    Disable Temporarily Instagram Account:

    Actually, Instagram makes it easy to temporarily disable account. It means you can come back anytime you want by logging in.

    • Log-into Instagram account by using mobile or PC browser following link
      (It’s not applicable on the application.)
    • From top-right corner click on profile.
    • Beside the profile picture and user tap on “Edit Profile”.
    • Now, Scroll down to the screen. Select “Temporarily disable my account” link.
    • There will be a list of a few reasons. Select a reason to disable your account.
    • Now, re-enter your password.
    • Hit the button as “Temporarily Disable Account”.

    You will have to log-in back to reactivate the account.

    Delete Instagram Permanently Account:

    Once you delete your account, you can’t get it back. So, think once again to go through the process.

    deleting instagram account

    • Go to the Delete Request Page. If you’re not logged-in then you’ll be asked to login first. You can’t delete account from your Instagram app.
    • Form the drop-down; select an option to delete “Why are you deleting your account”.
    • After you select a reason, re-enter your password.
    • Head to permanently delete my account.
    • Your account is deleted now.

    I won’t delete my Instagram account. If I need I would temporarily disable it. If you want to delete it, let us know the reasons in the comment below and anything else related to it.