Delete Multiple Posts from Facebook Page at Once

Delete Multiple Posts from Facebook Page at Once

August 20, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    For your business, brands or personal usage, You may have one or multiple facebook page. Sometimes, You may feel necessary to delete all or a good number of posts from FB page for any reason. This is not a short time task that you are thinking.

    A few days ago, I found a single post that was being published repeatedly in my facebook page. But, I did not know about it. It was because of a plugin that i was using in my blog. When i noticed this problem, It was too late. My page was already flooded. I was looking for a away to delete all my posts at once. Unfortunately, I did not find it. Like me, You also may face this kind of problems. Anyway, I could tackle my problem by using a feature that allowed me to delete multiple posts at once. I hope, It will also help you.


    Delete Multiple Posts from Facebook Page at Once:

    There is no way to delete all post at once. But, Deleting multiple posts can save your time to do that. Here are the things you will need to follow.

    • Go to your Facebook Page from your PC browser.
    • You should see an option called “Publishing Tools” in header.
    • Just click on it.
    • Now, You will see all of your recent posts there.
    • You can easily mark them all by a single click on the box next to “Posts“. You also can select specific posts manually.
    • After selecting posts, Click on Actions.
    • Then, Click on Delete.
    • By this way, You can up to 25 posts at once.

    If you have total 1000 posts, By using publishing tools, You can delete them within a few minutes. Without this feature, It might take long time.

    What to Do When You Want to Delete All Posts of FB Page at Once:

    Actually, There is no way to do it. Above steps can help you to do it easily. If you want to delete all posts at once, You will need to delete the whole facebook page or contact with fb.

    I hope, This article will help you.