How to Delete Your Skype Account Permanently

How to Delete Your Skype Account Permanently

October 21, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Finally have you made up your mind not to use Skype anymore? Well, that’s the reason you are here. In that case to delete your account permanently follows the rest of the article.

    deleteting a skype account

    Microsoft’s communication application “Skype” is one of the best applications to connect with family and friends. It allows you to make unlimited voice and video calls to the worldwide for free. There are some unique features also that need to be accessed by credit. When you’re not getting what you want out of it may make you feel you want to get rid of this account. There is two way to get rid of it permanently. One is instantly by deleting your personal information from it’s account and another is from Skype directory by contacting it’s customer service.

    Delete Your Skype Account From Skype Directory:

    It’s easier but it takes two weeks to remove account from Skype directory. Follow the given steps below.

    • Log in to your Skype account.
    • Navigate to Skype customer page- Skype support page.
    • Under Select issue, from choose a help topic select Account and Password.
    • A new sub-menu Deleting an Account will appear. Click on that.
    • Click Next to continue.
    • Now, navigate to Text Chat Support
    • Text Chat Support won’t be enabled unless your browser allows pop-up windows.

    You should confirm pop-up windows for your browser by following the steps.

    For Chrome Users:

    • Open a new tab in chrome. Paste or type this- Chrome://settings/content into the addressbar and press enter.
    • Scroll down to find pop ups menu and tick the circle beside Allow all sites to show pop-ups.

    For Firefox Users:

    • Open Firefox browser.
    • Click on the menu button ( ) and select options.
    • From the right hand side Click on Content tab.
    • From the Pop-ups Untick beside Block Pop ups windows.
    • Now click on Start chat button after allowing pop-up windows.
    • If any error message occurs then simply refresh the browser.
    • A new pop up window will appear. Now you can start chat with Skype customer support.
    • Just simply write to him ‘Hey, I want to delete my Skype account’. He might ask him your account name and deletion process will start then.

    Want to Instantly Delete Your Skype Account?

    Actually you can’t delete your Skype account instantly but can remove all the personal information from so that no one would able to find you or identify your account. It’s just a optional trick. Follow the full process given below to delete account instantly.

    • Firstly login to your Skype account.
    • Under the section of Settings and preferences Select Edit
    • Now, click on Edit button and get ready to change personal information.
    • There is no way to leave personal information blank so it’s better to fill some casual word like XXXX in the box. So, no one will find any information anymore.
    • If you are switching a new account then add your another account or name in the About me Else, fill that section by typing ‘This account no longer exists’ or something you want.
    • You can change everything without your account’s name or id.

    People who are already in your friend list can’t be removed from Contact list now but they won’t be able to send any text or call to you.