How to Delete Windows.old Folder Properly

How to Delete Windows.old Folder Properly

October 29, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    After re-installing or upgrading windows operating system, You may see a folder on local disk C. That is Windows.old folder. This is actually the backup folder of your previous windows. If you want to roll back to previous windows, This folder will help. But if you feel windows.old folder is unnecessary for you, You should delete it. Then you can’t automatically, roll back to your previous windows. So, Be careful before deleting windows.old folder. You can’t remove it normally. When you go to delete it, It will show you error message something like that ‘This folder can’t be deleted’ or anything else. This is common for any versions of windows like windows 10, 8 or 7. Now, Question may appear “How I can eliminate it from my computer?”. Here is the answer –

    windows.old folder screenshot

    Delete Windows.old Folder from your Computer:

    This is not a complex process. You can easily delete windows.old folder from your windows PC. You can do it by following steps-

    Step 1: Opening Disk Cleanup

    Open start menu or metro menu. Now type cleanup. You will see disk cleanup. Click on disk cleanup. You also can open disk cleanup from Computer/ This PC (formally known as My computer). To open disk cleanup from This PC-

    • Open This PC.
    • Now select or open the Local Disk (Normally Local Disk C) where windows is installed.
    • Then look at the top. You will see Manage. Click on Manage.
      selecting cleanup local disk c
    • Now click on Cleanup.

    You also can open disk cleanup by following steps –

    • Open your windows start menu.
    • Type “Disk Cleanup”.
      opening disk cleanup from start menu
    • You should see the disk cleanup app like the screenshot. Click on that.

    Step 2: Choosing Clean Up System Files

    • Now, You have to select your windows installation drive (Normally Local Disk C). I mean the drive where windows.old folder exists.Select local disk in disk cleanup tool
    • It may take one or two minutes to count all data.
    • After that, A new box will be opened. You will see a button called Clean up system files.
    • Click on that and wait for one or two minutes. It may take a few minutes too.
      click clean up system files to delete windows.old folder

    Step 3: Cleaning Previous Windows Installation(s)

    • Now find and check on Previous Windows Installation(s). I recommend you to check everything from there. Then click OK.
      clean all by windows cleanup
    • It will start to clean up your previous windows backup files.
    • It may require a few minutes.

    Step 4: Finally Delete Windows.old Folder

    Now open the local disk where windows.old folder existed. If you see windows.old folder still exists on local disk C, Restart your PC. Then delete that folder manually.

    Hopefully, This article will help to delete windows.old folder. If you have any question, Just ask me by comment.