How to Delete Your Yahoo Account Easily

How to Delete Your Yahoo Account Easily

October 16, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Do you want to delete your yahoo account and move to Gmail? Probably, many of you want to.  Actually, it is high time you should delete yahoo mail for your safety. Hackers have hacked 500 million yahoo accounts earlier. The internet giant called it a “state-sponsored” cyber breach. Another hack has hit recently affecting more than 1 billion users. These record settings breaches can require a secure option more than changing just your password or enabling two-step verification. It may be the time to delete it entirely. Because much personal information such as names, emails, phone numbers, dates of birth, encrypted passwords and unencrypted security questions and answers were taken back in 2014. The hack was not public for a longer period and it’s been known to public now. So, the damage can be higher. Yahoo has claimed that credit cards details were not stolen and remains safe. We are still waiting for FBI to verify this information. If it comes right, it will be the biggest breach ever.

    Take These Steps before you delete Your Yahoo Account Safely:

    You can delete your yahoo in easiest five steps. But there are two things you should keep in your mind before deleting it.

    • Once you delete your account all of your accesses like mails, Flickr and other services will be also deleted.
    • You may use Yahoo Account key to access your accounts without a password. But you need to enter your password to delete it. So, do you know your password? If no, then recover it.

    What You Should do Before Deleting Yahoo:

    You’ve known you’re going to lose all of your mails and accesses after deleting yahoo. So, How to save them? Well, you can save your Flickr photos and mails luckily. Yippy, nothing to worry!

    How to Save Your Flickr Photos To Google Photos:

    Still, you have a large photo gallery in your Flickr but you may don’t want it anymore. Hackers may have eyes on your Flickr photos also. If you’ve really made up your mind to move to Gmail then you’ve a great option to move all of your photos to Google Photos.

    Follow the instructions given below to Save Flickr Photos to Google Photos.

    • Go to Camera Roll from Flickr or go to this link
    • Click on Select all for each group of photos.
    • Now, click on Download at the bottom of the page.
    • A pop-up window will appear and Select Download zip.
    • Repeat this process until you download all of your photos.

    How To Upload Photos to Google Photos:

    The process is similar whether you upload Flickr or usual photos to Google photos. The process is easier also. Let’s know it here.

    • Locate the zip files you have downloaded from Flickr and unzip them.
    • Go to Google Photos Website following this link
    • Create an account or login to existing account.
    • Now, Click on the Upload button and head to the way to unzipped files.
    • Select all the photos and click Open to upload them.

    How To Delete Your Flickr Account:

    When you’ll delete your yahoo account, Flickr will also be deleted along with. You may want to wait for some days more to delete your yahoo account and want to delete only Flickr account. Let’s know how to delete only Flickr account.

    • Go to Flickr website and click on your Profile Image from the upper-right corner.
    • Then select Settings and click on Personal Information tab.
    • Scroll down to the bottom and Click on Delete Your Flickr Account.
    • Finally, select Ok.

    How To Move Your Yahoo Mails to Gmail:

    The main thing you need to do before deleting your yahoo account is saving mail. To save your mails you can move them to your Gmail account. Let’s know how you can do it.

    • Go to your Gmail inbox.
    • Click on the gear-icon button in the upper right corner.
    • Select Settings now.
    • Navigate to Account and Import.
    • Click on Import mail and contacts.
    • Enter your yahoo mail and mark tick beside “Import contacts, Import mail, and Import new mail for next 30 days.”
    • Now, select the Start Import button.

    Terminate Your Yahoo Account:

    It’s not really pretty much difficult to terminate your yahoo. It’s time to terminate.  Let’s know here.

    • Go to the following link to terminate your yahoo account.
    • If you use a phone number to sign in go to this link
    • Read all the information before proceeding.
    • Enter your password and recaptcha code.
    • Click on the Terminate this account.

    That’s all for today! You have known how to delete yahoo & Flickr account, save Flickr photos, move mails to Gmail.