Run iPhone Apps Faster Than Ever by Disabling Animations

Run iPhone Apps Faster Than Ever by Disabling Animations

October 30, 2018 By alberto

    The flying around animations that come across on the screen of iPhone are enjoyable to look at for some people but for majority it is nothing than a huge blunder that they have to face every time upon opening the screen, going through apps, or launching something new in the phone. Even people who seem to enjoy it at first soon realize that it makes iPhone run slower hence they start searching for options that can be used to speed up there iOS system. If you are also sick of these zipping zapping animations then here comes the good news that these can be tackled easily through various tricks.

    Bug Off the Animations for Launching Apps Faster

    A bug or software glitch can disable the animations in an iOS by following these simple steps.

    • Move to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on Assistive Touch

    • Afterwards go to the Home Screen, press the Assistive Touch button and drag it towards the bottom corner of the display

    • Open Spotlight by pulling down on the home screen

    • Push back up to close Spotlight search again

    • Keep repeating the process a few times frequently until the bug triggers

    • This process will confuse the engine of springboard animation which cause it to be disabled

    • After getting the desired outcome, disabling the Assistive touch button is not risky and the animations will not return by doing so

    • The engine will remain confused until you restart your device so this will only work for the time being

    This trick will work immediately or may take 10 to 20 retakes however, keep in mind that this process will turn off the animations temporarily and this is more like an immediate solution rather than a permanent one.

    Use Reduce Motion as a Long-term Reliable Option

    If you want a permanent solution then consider the reduce motion option and it may solve your problem in almost no time. It works like a fading transition to keep your motion sickness at a bay but an important tip to make this option work for your iPhone is that updates your system and download the latest iOS version.

    • You just have to go along these uncomplicated steps to enable this feature.
    • Go to the settings and select ‘General’ option then move to ‘Accessibility’
    • Now navigate a bit to locate the ‘Reduce Motion’ switch and select it
    • Change the settings switch by toggling them to the ON, or in other words enable, position
    • Close the settings and you will instantly feel the reduce motion transition effects in an iOS
    • Feel free to make use of this option for as a matter of fact this will not cause any damage to your screen appearance

    Not only this trick will make your iPhone apps being launched faster but also the screen will look better and clearer thus you can use your iPhone without hurting your eyes.

    source: CNET