How to Disable All Built-in Ads in Windows 10

How to Disable All Built-in Ads in Windows 10

August 17, 2018 By kirsten

    A few months ago, Microsoft introduced built-in ads in its latest Operating System Windows 10. At first, People only saw ads in lock screen. Slowly, MS started displaying recommended apps in start menu. In fact, It is not much annoying like others app. But, Still there are so many users who are not likely to see those recommendations. Specially, It has been seen in various online tech news portal that MS automatically enabled built-in ads by the windows 10 anniversary update. That means if anyone disabled it previously, Anniversary update enabled it again. Recently, You may also notice new level ads “Tips, tricks and suggestion”. Some peoples may find it helpful. But, In this article, You will know how you can get rid of all of these ads.


    How to Disable Built-in Ads in Windows 10:

    It is not a lengthy and complex task. You can do it very easily from windows 10 settings. Here are the steps to follow.

    Disable Lock Screen Ads:

    A few months ago, When MS introduced lock screen background advertisement called “Windows Spotlight”, We had published an article “How to disable lock screen ads“. So, It is not necessary to describe it here. You can read that article and follow the instructions from there.

    Disable Suggested Apps from Start Menu:

    Occasionally, You may see some apps in your start menu that you have not installed. Actually, These are not installed in your PC. These are suggested apps from Microsoft. Though it is not much annoying, It may make you confused. Here are the steps to get rid of it.

    • Press Win + I from keyboard or Just Open Start Menu and choose Settings.
    • Now, Go to Personalization > Start.


    • Then, Just switch off “Occasionally show suggestions in Start“.

    Disable Tips, Tricks and Suggestion Ads:

    You may find it helpful. But there are many users who don’t like it. Suddenly, You may notice push up notifications that is suggesting you any tips, tricks articles or recommended apps etc. regarding the task you are doing. You can easily disable this kinds of ads from windows 10. Here are the procedures.

    • Navigate to Settings > System > Notifications & Actions.
    • Now, Switch off “Get tips, tricks and suggestions as you use windows”.

    Stop Get Office Ads in Windows 10:

    You may already have installed Office 2013/16 or office 365 in your PC. But, Still windows 10 may show notifications “Get Office for 1 month free” occasionally. Probably, You know how to get rid of this ad. You can do it in two ways.

    • Go to Settings > Notifications & actions.
    • Now, Disable notification for Get Office app.

    Alternatively, You can uninstall this app.

    • Open Start Menu.
    • Right click on that app and select Uninstall.

    Uninstall, Disable Live Tiles and Unpin from Start Menu:

    You may still see some tiles in your start menu that you don’t want to see. If you want to get rid of these things, Just follow these steps.

    • Open Start Menu.
    • Right click on that app shortcut.
    • Now, You can choose between Uninstall, Unpin from Start.
    • If you want to disable live tile, Just Right click on the app and Choose More > Turn live tile off.

    So, Here are the things you can do to get rid of built-in ads in windows 10 PC. I’m still working to find out more ways for you. So, I may update this article with extra methods soon.