How to Disable / Enable Hibernate in Windows 10

How to Disable / Enable Hibernate in Windows 10

September 13, 2018 By alberto

    There are some power related options in every versions of windows. Sleep, Shut down, Restart and Hibernate all are some of them. Your PC reacts on different ways as per your hibernate is disabled or enabled. Maybe you are not well aware of the hibernation feature in windows 10. Well, it is very necessary to work faster. Instead of shutting down or putting to sleep hibernate is a setting where you can put your computer. To enable or disable hibernation is quite necessary for many. Let’s get through this article to do so.

    Steps to Disable Or Enable Hibernate Mode In Windows 10:

    Well, when your computer does hibernate, It saves the snapshot of your last work to hard drive before shutting down and you can resume from where you last left. Gladly you will find all the opened apps, softwares and files open as the way you left them last time. It also saves time from re-establishing those files. It actually doesn’t harm your computer as it is enabled by default. So, it’s not that much necessary to disable it even you don’t need it.

    In that case let me inform you that enabling hibernation required a lot space of your hard disk for its saved file. The file that is named as hiberfil.sys owns more than 75% of your RAM. In a meanwhile, if you have 8 GB RAM in your computer, It will take 6 GB from your hard drive. It will hold 12 GB, If you have 16 GB RAM. Do you need those extra space of hard disk? Well, the main reason for many people to disable hibernate mode in Windows 10 to make extra space on their hard disk. But you won’t be able to get benefits of Windows 10’s fast startup feature which creates faster boot times for hibernation and shut down.

    Here is the step to enable and disable hibernate mode for your windows 10 Pc.

    1. Press Windows Logo Key + X from Keyboard.
    2. From the menu select Command Prompt (Admin).

    command admin open

    If you are impelled by the User Account Control and ask you to make changes to the computer, click Yes to proceed.

    1. Type powercfg.exe /hibernate off in the command prompt and Press Enter key. Then exit the command prompt window.

    command Hibernate

    Now, you have disable hibernate mode. If you want to re-enable it later in any case then follow the next step.

    1. Open Command Prompt and type powercfg.exe /hibernate on and press enter.

    Depending on your computer’s running performance you can turn on or off the hibernation.