How to disable lock screen ads on windows 10

How to disable lock screen ads on windows 10

September 11, 2018 By kirsten

    You may lock your windows 10 screen like me for many reasons. I have seen some peoples to turn on their windows 10 laptop just to see ads of their favorite games or anything else across the login display. But you might hate those advertisements .

    windows 10 lock screen ads

    Well, these ads didn’t much bother on earlier version of Windows 8.1. But with the latest release of Windows 10, displaying ads are much annoyed to many. These are the work of Windows Spotlight, which is a feature of Microsoft Personalization settings.

    Steps to Disable Windows 10 Lock Screen Ads:

    I am sure most of the Windows user has no use of ads rather than disabling them. Thankfully, you can turn off lock screen ads.

    Let’s follow the steps.

    • Click on Start Menu on your windows 10.
    • Open Settings
    • Click on Personalization setting and route to Lock Screen
    • When you find Lock Screen option, look for Windows Spotlight and toggle that box.

    windows spotlight to photo slideshow

    • As per as your personal and necessary preference choose displaying a Picture or a Slideshow.

    Selecting picture would disable Microsoft to push ads on your login screen without your acknowledgement. You can show chosen picture from your album.

    Also make sure to turn off the option as Get fun, facts, tips, tricks and more on your lock screen. Thankfully, it will disable Spotlight’s capability to use lock screen. This would ensure that you don’t have to face unwanted ads next time you log in.

    Else, if you wish to see ads of your interested content you can choose by telling Microsoft related to your choices. You just have to click on the top right corner of the log in screen. Then a drop down menu will appear. Now choose as per your choice between these two options- I want more and Not a fan.  The former will provide more content linked to that particular ad and the latter will turn it to a different picture you log in next time. It will also prevent similar content from showing next time.

    I hope this article will improve your Pc’s experience without any trouble.