How to Turn Off App Notifications in Android

How to Turn Off App Notifications in Android

August 12, 2018 By alberto

    It’s a perk to own an android phone. If you’re a game lover then you must have love for android operating system.  Else, it has easy to access Google and Play Store. So, many users have much attraction for android. But what about those app notifications buzzes in your phone in the middle of the meetings or classes? They are not actually comfortable at all. So, you want to get rid of them. In this article I’ll let you know the way to end it this problem.

    Disable Those Unwanted Android Apps’ Notifications:

    I am not telling those notifications are not handy. They are really useful to tell all about your phone’s necessary notifications. Sometimes unnecessary notifications may interrupt your work. Florida state university researchers reveal that notifications are liable to damage concentration. A small beep or a constant ring disrupts your work when you don’t even want to interact with your phone.

    Let’s know all the methods to disable application’s notification in android.

    Block Notifications on Android 5.0 Lollipop and up:

    On a new lollipop android 5.0, it is very easier to access notification in its section. You can easily block unwanted notifications those are killing your precious time.

    • Navigate to Settings from Home Screen.
    • Click on Sound & Notification.
    • Select App Notifications.
    • Click on the App you want to Block.
    • Now, toggle to block. This will never show you notification from selected apps.

    Block Notification on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to 4.4 Kit Kat:

    Along with lollipop android version, you can also block notification on your 4.1 to 4.4 android devices. It’s not really a mess to block notification. Let’s know it.

    • Navigate to Settings.
    • Now, click on Apps.
    • Tap on the app that you want to stop showing notifications.
    • Uncheck the box for Show Notifications.

    Block Notification on Android 4.0 or Older:

    You’re going to feel sad after hearing that unfortunately there is no way to disable app’s notification in older versions of android. So, upgrade your phone or get a new phone if possible to get rid of those unwanted ting-tong on your phone.

    Still You See Some Notifications?

    If you’re seeing some notification even you’ve blocked them or not finding the way to disable them anyway, then Long-Press on that notification and you’ll see an icon. Click on the icon and you’ll be redirected to app’s settings dialog. Now, tap uncheck the box to show notifications.

    To see App’s Notification Again:

    You want to see one of the dismissed app’s notification, in that case what to do? Gladly, there is a way to show notification again. Let’s know that.

    • Go to Widgets. (Long press anywhere on the empty space of Home Screen, it will bring Widgets Dialog.)
    • Tap to Shortcut.
    • Click on Settings Shortcut.
    • Now, Select Notification Dialog.
    • A Notification Log icon will appear on your home Screen. Click on that.
    • You’ll see a entire list of notification history.
    • Click on any app, you’ll be redirect to the app’s setting dialog.
    • Now, uncheck the box to Show Notifications.

    There are some apps that built-in without notification settings changes. That means you can’t control them. Such as Google Hangouts let you control its notification separately for video calls and messaging. But some apps don’t allow this. Once you’ve disable the app’s notification, you won’t see any notification. So, you wish android had a way to control notification types for every app. If you have any other way to switch off them or control them, let us aware in the comment box.