Disable Seen Feature On Facebook Message

September 23, 2018 By kirsten

    Facebook! The number one social network for last 10 years. And now Facebook is more popular than before. Almost everyone has a Facebook account. Young or old is not a fact. It’s so popular among them. Facebook chatting, messaging are the key feature to communicate with friends, family and others. Facebook has a seen feature. Suppose, you send a message to your friend. When he/she read the message, you will see a mark sign along with this word ‘Seen’. This is called Facebook Seen feature. This is really a awesome feature. But some users want to disable seen feature sometimes. Because, they don’t want to be followed by others. So they don’t like it that other people know if he/she really read message or not. It has a solution. You can disable seen feature very easily.

    seen feature

    Today i’ll let you know how to disable seen feature on Facebook message.

    Disable Seen Feature On Facebook:

    This very easy process. You just need Google Chrome Browser and an extension called Facebook Unseen Chrome Extension. Anyway, Lets know the process how to use it to block seen feature.


    – First of all Click here and install the extension in your Google Chrome browser. 


    – To install it click on Add To Chrome button and Then Click on Add.


    – After installing the extension you will be notified and you will see a new icon.

    – Click on that icon by right button of your mouse and select option.


    – Now you will see the option page of this extension. 

    – You just need to mark on ‘Block Seen Feature Of The Chat’.


    – Now Chat with your friends and enjoy. No one can see the seen mark, even you read the message.

    The another awesome feature of this extension is you can easily hide typing indicator on chat. 

     Watch How To Block Seen Feature Facebook:



    Anyway, if you have any question, please feel free to comment.