Disconnect Skype from Messaging in Windows 10 Mobile

Disconnect Skype from Messaging in Windows 10 Mobile

October 8, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Windows 10 mobile has brought some unique features like Skype and Messaging app integration. It is a new and awesome feature that you may like. But, There are so many users who are not liking it. Because, It may drain your battery life. Personally, I used this feature in my Lumia 650. But i experienced extreme battery draining problem. It was also so much buggy. So, I disabled this fantastic feature by disconnecting skype from messaging app.


    In fact, We are 1 or 2 more years backward to use this type of features. Users may get many notifications and the messaging app may seem too slow. Personally, I liked the concept. But it still needs more improvements.So, If you want to get rid of it, You can do it by following my instructions.

    How to Disable Skype and Messaging App Integration in Windows 10 Mobile:

    To disconnect the awkward merger, You have to these things –

    • Open the Messaging app in your mobile.
    • Tap on the ellipsis / three dots (…) and choose Skype Setup / Settings.
    • You will see new window where you will see your profile pic and name. Just tap on Sign out below your profile.


    • Done.

    But, Sometimes, You may experience an error code 0xA1080001. It may completely prevent your from disconnecting skype from messaging. In that case you will need to follow these things –

    • Open Skype Video app.

    opening skype video

    • Tap on three dots and tap Settings.
    • Now, Touch on sign out.

    If you want to get back the integration again, You will need to sign in again settings. I mean revearse these instructions. If you want to use this feature, You can choose which one will be your default skype.

    Make Full Skype App Default:

    To do it-

    • Open the skype app.
    • Tap on (…) and choose settings.
    • Touch on Make this my Skype default.

    make skype default app

    • Done

    Make Messaging app default for Skype:

    • Go to Skype Settings from Messaging app.
    • Now, Scroll down and tap on Make this my Skype default. Instant messages and Incoming calls will be auto enabled.

    Anyway, I know many of you will disable the merge. Skype and messaging app connection is still in preview version. Hope, You will get a improved and bugs free update soon. If that happens, Like me many users will link skype with messaging again. If microsoft become successful, It will be great.