Disable Windows Update Delivery Optimization

Disable Windows Update Delivery Optimization

August 23, 2018 By alberto

    Microsoft added a new feature in latest windows version. That is windows update delivery optimization. It is a cool feature, If you like it. But if you want to save your bandwidth, You won’t like it. Because, this is a bandwidth hungry feature. Disabling or stopping it can save your internet bandwidth and boost speed. Sometimes, This feature can save your bandwidth! Let’s know in details.

    What is Update Delivery Optimization:

    This is a feature that allows other PCs to get latest update from your PC directly! It can be via local network or internet. By default, Windows 10 makes your PC like a server. If you install latest updates from Microsoft, Other PCs in same network may install update from your PC instead of downloading them from microsoft server again. It boost apps install and windows update more quickly. It also save other users’ bandwidth. If it happens locally, It won’t drain your bandwidth. But if your PC delivers updates through internet, It may slow down your speed and waste your valuable bandwidth. You can easily modify it’s settings and turn off update delivery optimization feature in your PC.

    If you have several PCs in your Home or Office, You don’t need to stop it. You can modify its settings to local. If you are a single PC owner, It will be better to turn in off to save internet speed.

    How to Turn Off or Disable this Featue to Save Bandwidth:

    By disabling it, You can save your valuable bandwidth. It is not a big deal. You can easily stop delivering update from your PC. Here are the things you have to do –

    • First of all, open Start Menu.
    • Now click on Settings.

    opening settings from start menu in windows to reset PC

    • Now, Click on Update & Security. It will open windows update window. There you will see several options.
    • Click on Advanced Options.

    clicking advanced options

    • Now, You have to click on Choose how updates are delivered.
    • It will open a new window where you will find the options to turn off or modify windows update delivery optimization setting.

    choose how updates del

    • If you want to turn off this feature, Just switch Off it by dragging it left to right. If you wish to keep it on but turn off deliver through internet, You can mark PCs on My Local Network. It will delivery update through locally and won’t waste your internet bandwidth.

    turning off delivery update

    You can turn it on by following same steps. Here is windows update delivery optimization FAQ. If you have any question, You can ask me.