Turn off YouTube Video Recommendations on Android / iOS / PC / Windows Mobile

Turn off YouTube Video Recommendations on Android / iOS / PC / Windows Mobile

September 30, 2018 By kirsten

    At the end of the article, I’ll describe how to disbale youtube video recommendations in PC and Windows Mobile. Now, Go for major mobile platforms. Android and iOS are the of a leading mobile operating systems now. There are vast of things come with an android handset. You can enjoy a lot of free apps, games and many more from play store. YouTube app is a pre-installed app in most of the android phones to provide better video enjoyment for the users. Well, one of my favorite apps is YouTube. Like me, I know there are many to spend most of the free time in seeing tech, beauty, cooking, comedy and many more helpful day to day life tutorials and videos. As per your viewing history this app shows recommended videos. There are several alerts from this app; like having a new reply one of your comments, some of your liked channel may uploaded a new video or many other things. Well, there is another notified alert in the list – recommended videos. Recommendations are likely based on your previous viewed history or you have added some videos into watch later menu.

    How to Turn Off YouTube Video Recommendations on Android /iPhone/iPad:

    When you like, see or comment on a video, YouTube app shows you more video recommendations on your android or  iPhone. This might be helpful for some people as they get unexpectable recommended videos easily on the screen. But, YouTube recommendations are not polite always. Sometime unwanted or embarrassing recommended video can make you feel down if you have got someone beside you. So, it’s not so needed to get notified about app recommendations. Thankfully there is a way to disable it within the app.

    Let’s follow the article to turn off this app recommendations.

    Step 1: If you are not logged in YouTube via your gmail, then first of all log in.

    Step 2: Open the YouTube app and click on user silhouette/profile/outline/(three dots/three lines) in the upper right corner.

    how to disable youtube recommendation

    Screenshot – Steps to Stop YouTube Videos Recommendation in Android – by Hasibul Kabir/XtremeRain

    Step 3: Now tap on the overflow menu on the top right corner. Go to Settings and then click on Notifications.

    Step 4: Now toggle the button near the Recommended Videos to turn off.

    When you are in this page, you can now also check rest of the settings like if you don’t want replies to your comments or other things.

    How to Disable Youtube Recommendations for PC / Mac and Windows Phone / Mobile:

    Most PC and Mac users enjoy YouTube from web browsers. Officially, There is no way to turn off recommendations. But some few steps may help you a lot from getting rid of irrelevant video suggestions. Anyway, PC and Mac Users, Follow these steps –

    • Go to Youtube.com from browser.
    • Now, Scroll down and click on History or you can directly navigate to https://www.youtube.com/feed/history
    • Now, Click on Clear all watch history and Pause watch history.

    youtube clear watch history

    • From Search history, Click on Clear all search history and Pause search history.

    youtube clear search history.PNG

    • From now, You will get rid of excessive amount of irrelevant recommendations. But if you want to permanently get rid of it, You may look for some relevant browser extensions and addons.

    Windows 10 mobile or windows phone has no official youtube apps like android and iOS. So, Most of the time, Users watch youtube in browsers. So, You will need to do everything from there. Here are the instructions –

    • From browser, Go to youtube.com
    • Now, Tap on three dot in upper right corner and tap on Settings.
    • Now, Go to History
    • Do the same things that like PC. I mean, Clear watch and search history and pause it.

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    That’s all you have to do to turn off YouTube video recommendations. Now, there will be no recommended video notifications as per your watched history.