Disqus vs WordPress Comment – Which is Better?

Disqus vs WordPress Comment – Which is Better?

September 8, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Disqus vs WordPress Comment System which one is better? This is a very common question. Most of the website owners become confused to choose their comment platform. Native wordpress comment and disqus both are the most used comment system for wordpress. Both of them has some good advantages. But in this article, I’ll describe you details about these two comment system. That will help you to know which one is better for you.

    Disqus vs WordPress Comment – Which is Better:

    Both of the comment system has some advantages and disadvantages. Disqus vs WordPress comment which one is better will be easy to know after knowing their benefits and disadvantages.

    Advantages of Native WordPress Comment System:

    Native wordpress comment system has following benefits.

    1. Easy to use.
    2. Simple layout.
    3. Lite weight.
    4. Encourage more peoples to comment.
    5. Responsive.
    6. Comments are stored in Database.
    7. Comments get indexed in search engines.

    Disadvantages of Native WordPress Comment System:

    These are the disadvantages of wordpress comment system.

    1. Encourage spammers to comment.
    2. Invites Poor quality comments to gain backlinks.
    3. Look unprofessional in some websites.
    4. Third-party plugin required to feature a comment.
    5. No social media integration.

    Now we will know all about Disqus comment system.

    Advantages of Native Disqus Comment System:

    These are the benefits of disqus comment system.

    1. Compatible with most web platforms like wordpress, drupal, blogger, tumblr etc.
    2. Detects spam automatically.
    3. No additional plugin required to feature a comment.
    4. Looks more professional.
    5. Social media integration.
    6. Comments are stored in database.
    7. Google indexes comment.
    8. Mobile responsive.
    9. Replay comment, Share comment, Upvote or downvote comment.
    10. Related post.
    11. Ability to make money.
    12. And many more.

    Disadvantages of Disqus comment System:

    1. Slow down page lode time.
    2. Doesn’t encourage more peoples to comment as WordPress native comment system.

    So Which One is Better between Disqus vs WordPress Comment System:

    May be, You got the answer. Yes. Disqus comment system is the clear winner in the battle of Disqus vs WordPress comment. But I’m not saying that native wordpress comment system is bad. Both are great. But disqus is the clear winner for its features and professional looks.

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