How to Download Microsoft Office Offline / Online Installer Legally

How to Download Microsoft Office Offline / Online Installer Legally

September 10, 2019 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    It has no doubt that Microsoft Office is the most popular office solution around the world. There are so many peoples who are using it. By default, Users have to install it from an online installer. Some of you may not like it and prefer installing offline. But, Most peoples don’t know how to download MS Office offline installer from official site legally. It may have several reasons.

    The users who already have purchased office software directly from Microsoft or any retailer can easily download offline img file. Which can be burnt into a DVD or USB flash driver. It also can be mounted in your PC which let you install office offline. But, Peoples who have not a valid license can’t do it easily. So, Here is my guide what you should do.

    download Microsoft Office Offline Installer

    How to Download Microsoft Office Offline Installer:

    First of all, I’m telling you how you can get the office IMG file, If you have valid license. Here are the things you can do.

    But, If you have not valid license or you want to get other ways to download offline installation file, You will have to go through these ways.

    Direct Download Office 365 Offline Installer:

    If you are looking for Office 365 home offline installer, You can download it by following above method and also save the download url for future usage. If you have no valid licenses, Here is a download link.

    Download Office 365 Home

    Download Microsoft Office 2013 / 2016 Offline Installer for Free with These Direct Links:

    For full version downloads, You must have a valid license. Microsoft is quite straight against piracy. So, They have made it difficult to download any full version of office with public links.

    If you want to download office 2013 pro plus offline installer, Here are the links.

    32 Bit Download Link

    64 Bit Download Link

    Note: It comes with 60 days trial and it’s RTM version.

    Unfortunately, Office 2016 has no offline installer available for public. So, You can search it in google. It may be available in third-party sources like local ISPs FTP server, Torrent sites and other download servers. But, Be careful. It may contains harmful viruses. It is always better to get offline / online installer from official source.

    Legally Download Office 2007, 2010 and Office 2011 for Mac:

    Microsoft office 2007, 2010 and 2011 users may have trouble downloading the installer. But they can do it easily.

    Just go to this link: and type your product key. Then Click on verify. You will get further instructions to download. If you have not a valid product key, You can search on google for 1 month trial license keys.

    Download Any Microsoft Office Online Installer:

    Downloading online installer is the easiest thing. Simply, Go to and follow on screen instructions. But, You must have a valid license key. If you don’t have it, You can use get office app which comes preinstalled in windows 10.

    Office 365 business users can go to this link: to get the installer.

    Get Microsoft Office Apps in Your Windows 10 Mobile / PC:

    Instead of native desktop versions, You can try MS office app in your windows 10 PC or mobile. App version of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Onenote and Outlook Mail and Calendar are available. You can search for them in windows store.