How to Download Offline Maps in Windows 10

How to Download Offline Maps in Windows 10

September 7, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Maps can be very handy. People often tend to get lost in certain places and asking directions from people can be very confusing or at times you’re in a place where there are very less people present and you don’t quite know your way around. In such situations where you have no outside help and your data connection gives up on you with bad service, help from Offline maps is what you really need.

    The Maps app in Windows 10 has a built in offline map. It isn’t available in some countries like Japan but soon will be updated.

    In Offline mode you will be able to search all the downloaded maps for landmarks and select local hotspots including all directions needed with the ability to view turn by turn directions. The only thing you cannot view in offline mode is aerial view or 3D images of Cities of places. There would also be no information on your searches that are powered by Bing.

    Ways to Download Offline Maps in Windows 10:

    Following are the steps to download offline maps on your laptop or tab easily:

    • Open the Settings menu and go to System and from there click on the option of ‘Offline maps’.

    offline map download

    • Click on ‘Download Maps’. Find the map you wish to download on your device. You can search up easily all the place you need to look at by searching up continent, country and state.

    maps list

    • It is to be noted that not all countries and places are available in the offline maps option.
    • Before downloading a map of a particular place, you would be able to open and it and see how big it exactly is and all the places and features it includes. Then when you are satisfied with the outlook of the map, you can proceed to download the offline version of it.
    • Sometimes it so happens that you want to download your files to your designated folder of your own choice. In the same way you can easily pick out where your maps are stored after you are done downloading them. To choose where your offline maps would be stored after they are downloaded, open the Settings menu and go to Offline maps. From there click ‘Storage Location’. If you have multiple hard drives or partitioned hard drive, you can easily choose in which drive to save your maps. However, you cannot choose a specific folder to place your maps in.

    When you are done downloading and placing your maps, now you can easily open them on your laptop or tab and search up places and get directions without any hindrance.

    • To save your data you might want to turn off ‘Metered Connections’ so that your maps will only download when you are connected to a Wi-Fi connection or any sort of packaged unlimited cellular data.
    • Automatic downloading of the maps or their updates will only start if the metered connection is ever on.