Download Windows 10 ISO File & Upgrade Your PC

Download Windows 10 ISO File & Upgrade Your PC

October 19, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Microsoft Windows 10 has been released today. From 190 countries, users are upgrading their windows to Windows 10. But some of users are upset. Because they failed to reserve windows 10. There are also some users who want to download windows 10 ISO file. I’m writing this articles for these users. I’ll show the way to download windows 10 ISO file.

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    Download Windows ISO File and Create Installation Media:

    Some users have not installed windows 10 although they reserved windows 10. They can go to Windows Update and click on Check for new updates. By doing this they can install windows 10 with windows update.

    But if anyone want to create a installation media by downloading windows 10 ISO file and the users who didn’t reserve windows 10, they can follow the steps given below.

    Step 1: Download the Media Creation Tool

    Windows 7 or 8, which version of windows you are using this is not matter. You need to download the media creation tool from Microsoft. You also can download it from the given links below.

    Download Tool for 32 Bit

    Download Tool for 64 Bit

    Step 2: Download Windows 10 ISO File

    After downloading media creation tool, Open it from your downloads folder. Now you will get two options. One is Upgrade this PC now and another one is Create installation media for another PC. You can easily upgrade your PC to winodws 10 by choosing upgrade this PC and click on Next. Then follow the instructions. But if you want to download windows 10 iso file, you need to choose create installation media for another PC. Then follow the given instructions.

    • After checking Create installation media for another PC, click on Next.

    download windows 10 iso file easily - xtremerain

    • Then you will need to choose the options which are suitable for you. Just choose the language, Windows edition (Windows 10 pro, Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro N etc.) and architecture (32 bit/64 bit). Then click on Next.
    • After that, you will see there are two options. One is USB flash drive, another one is ISO file. If you want to create a bootable pendrive by using windows 10 ISO file directly, Choose USB flash drive. Or if you want to download Windows 10 ISO file directly in your PC, Choose ISO file.
    • After choosing ISO file, click on Next. Then select the folder where you want to download windows 10 ISO file and click on Save to download.

    After that, your downloading of windows 10 ISO will be started. In the future, if you want to make bootable DVD or pendrive by using that windows 10 iso file, read the following article to learn the full process. How to create bootable media.