How to Download Movie Maker For Windows 10

How to Download Movie Maker For Windows 10

November 2, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Does Windows 10 have a movie maker? This question might pop-up into your head if you have recently upgraded to Windows 10. Movie maker has been part of the OS for a long a time. But, it doesn’t come pre-installed with the latest OS. People who make presentation with videos or do other work anyway need it installed into their PC. It is indeed a handy tool that saves time and keeps you hassle free to download other Third-Party video editing software. As, it isn’t a element of Windows 10 now so you need to separately download it from the Microsoft official website.

    windows movie maker screenshot

    Download Movie Maker For Windows 10 From Microsoft:

    Today in this article I am about to bring how you can download movie maker for Windows 10. Let’s know how to do so.

    It’s obvious that you know Microsoft’s move of not providing movie maker and other softwares with the release of Windows 10. I think Microsoft has done that to avoid unwanted bloatware. Probably that’s why they minimize the numbers of softwares that everyone doesn’t use actually. So, they have kept open the way to download the needed software for Windows 10 from official page of Microsoft.

    Now, when you are already thinking that you are going to download movie maker from Microsoft’s page, so let me complete that it is not separately available in the Microsoft’s page. Microsoft is providing now movie maker with its software suite- The Windows Essential.

    So, it’s obvious that you will have to download the essential suite instead of movie maker. Fortunately, there is an option that you can choose software to install rather than downloading the entire windows essential suite. Actually if don’t want other software like Messenger, Writer, Mail, Outlook Connector Pack and only to download movie maker so you can do that in the start of installation. But however it comes with Photo Gallery, so you don’t have any option to leave it.

    Here is How to Download It: 

    • To download it from Microsoft’s page go to this link given below.

    • After downloading it, Run it. It may take a couple of minutes to initializing the process.
    • Now, A pop-up window will appear asking what do you want to install?
    • You will have two options- Install all of Windows Essentials (recommended) or Choose the programs you want to install.
    • Select second option Choose the programs that you want to install as you are here to download movie maker. If you want all the softwares to be installed then select first option.
    • A section “Select programs to install” will appear after selecting second option. Now, uncheck rest of the softwares without Photo Gallery and Movie Maker.
    • Then click on the Install button. The downloading process will start now. After a while downloading will be completed and it will be installed on your PC.

    In windows 10, you will find it by searching. To find it, click on start button and type movie maker. That’s all, you will get it. Now, enjoy your work in it and let us know any of your questions on it by commenting below in the comment box.