How to Edit Image Metadata in Windows 10

How to Edit Image Metadata in Windows 10

September 16, 2019 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Whenever you click a photo using your device like smartphone, webcam, digital camera or other electronic devices, it creates some details about device, date, author, size, ISO and many more important details. Well, these image details are simply known as metadata. It is nothing wrong if you want to change or edit your image metadata. Actually, when you upload or sent the image on the web, it also carries some sensitive details you may don’t want others to know. Thankfully, Microsoft’s Windows 10 allows you to edit image metadata. So, if you were thinking how to change or edit metadata of a photo, then the solution is available at your Windows 10 PC.

    Viewing Image Metadata Windows

    Change or Edit Image Metadata in Windows 10:

    The process is same if you want to edit image or other file’s metadata. Today, I will guide you through the process to do it in your Windows 10 PC. Well, you can also do it in the older versions of Windows 7, 8 & 8.1.

    Follow the steps to edit the metadata information. Let’s know them.

    • Right-Click on a photo or file.
    • Select Properties from the bottom.
    • From the open window, click on Details

    So, here you can see all the metadata about the image or file. Now, you can edit the given information by clicking on the value field beside the property. But there are some fields that can’t be changed anyhow.

    The details tab defines all the properties in many sections. There are mainly six sections in any kind of file. The sections are given below.

    1) Description:

    The first section you will find in details tab is Description. Here, you can edit Title, Subject, Tags, Comments and you can rate your own picture. Well, I rate my pictures 5 stars.

    2) Origin:

    In the Origin field you can edit Author’s name, Date taken, Date acquired and Copyright.

    3) Image:

    Image field hold all the relevant information about your image. All the options in this field are automatically attached. So, you can’t modify them.

    4) Camera:

    Camera field hold all the details your camera used to take the picture. The metadata of this section can’t be changed. Only you can change some of these such as Camera Maker, Camera Model, ISO speed, Metering Mode, Flash Mode and 35mm Focal Length. Rests of these are non-changeable.

    5) Advanced Photo:

    This section is very much essential for photographers. You can only edit very few fields. Lens, Camera serial number, White balance, Light source, EXIF and other changes make a photographer profession more enthusiasts.

    6) File

    You can view in this section file name, type, PC owner, Computer name and many more. There is nothing changeable in the file section.

    So, whatever you’ve changed to apply Press Ok and close properties window by pressing “X”.

    Removing Image Metadata Windows

    Remove/Delete Picture Metadata:

    Due to many security concerns you may want to remove all of those metadata added with your image. Gladly, Windows 10 operating system let you remove all the sensitive information like your name, location and many more.

    Let me guide you through to remove personal information of metadata.

    • Go to Details tab from the Properties
    • Click on the Remove Properties and Personal Information.
    • You will see two options. Choose Create a copy with all possible properties removed, if you want to have a copy of the main file. Otherwise select Remove the following properties from this file. Now, mark beside the properties you may want to remove.
    • Select Ok and close the properties to proceed.

    Exif Image Metadata Editor

    Use Third-Party Program to Edit Image Metadata More Conveniently:

    There are plenty of third-party tools that can edit your image metadata. You can do some basic edit in Adobe Photoshop. But, If you have the Adobe Lightroom software, You can do it more easily. Else, Exif Pilot and PhotoMe are two well known tools for editing image metadata. These two are very simple and below 3 mb in size. By using these tools, You also can completely remove all metadata and add any data by yourself according to your preferences.

    If you want to make your PC search result more convenient then you may not want to delete or edit image metadata. Because, it includes all those information Windows may require when you search. It simply means you can add more metadata to make your search result superior.