How to Effectively Communicate With Your Network


I learned to pick up a positive attitude and always believe that I can get what I want, so long as I set my mind to it. But of course, while it’s fulfilling to get everything myself and work my way up the ladder claiming I went by my own, I can’t do it alone.

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So what do I do when I’m in a bit of a rut? While I try to find my own solutions and work things out myself, there will be times I will come through a hole in my path that I can’t get out of myself. So I turn to others, my network and connections, for assistance. You know that saying, “Ask and you shall receive”? Well, that’s now how it works, exactly. You don’t always get what you want, even with well-rounded network. Just like trying to get out of the hole yourself, you’ll have to work and find ways to reach out to your network without seeming like you are totally dependent on them.

Effectively Communicate With Your Network:

Here are a few things to keep in mind when reaching out to your network:

  • Have the edge – What’s the problem? What will you be doing? Why are you doing it? They will want to know the details, so make sure everything’s prepared and you have a good presentation when explaining.
  • Value what you’re doing and how you’re getting it – From going to your family, friends and colleagues to the reason why you’re reaching out in the first place, find the importance with what you’re doing and that will encourage you to keep your eye on the prize. That, and the people you go to will see the ambition in your eyes, making them believe they will make a right choice in helping you. But make sure it’s what you truly want and that it’s the real deal! Being a fake or pretending will just lead to your downfall, both in goals and in your network.
  • Know who you’re dealing with and take some action – Make sure you properly word your proposal the right way, depending on your network’s beliefs and attitude. Personalize it and you’ll find better chances in receiving what you ask for. Once that’s done, make sure you take action and politely ask for a call or message back, including contact details, so you will know their true interest with you and what you’re aiming for.

As a budding entrepreneur myself, I have a whole network to thank, starting from my parents all the way to good connections and customers who have given me nothing short of support, may it be financially or in kind words. As a student, I have my good old classmates and professors to thank. Basically, the people around me, my network and its connections, have been one of the most important aspects when it comes to making it in life and being where and who I am today. Don’t take your network for granted and appreciate them for who they are, you can’t reach your dreams alone!

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