Fix Elara App is Preventing from Restarting / Shutdown / Sign Out

Fix Elara App is Preventing from Restarting / Shutdown / Sign Out

October 17, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    If you have a notebook or laptop with Windows 10 operating system, You may face a new problem. It is “Elara app is preventing you from Sign Out / Shutdown / Restarting“. If you search on google about it, You will have so many articles. But many of these article authors claimed “It is a malware”. But, It is not malware or virus at all. Yes, There is an adware of similar name. But, If you are infected with that, You won’t face any shutdown or restarting delay for that. Now, Let’s know in details.

    What is Elara App:

    I already told, You will face problem with your laptop or notebook. Let me explain the reason. Actually, Elara is the title of Apntex.exe. It controls your touchpad. You will find this on this folder “C:\Program Files\DellTPad“. You may see other name instead of DellTPad. It depends on which laptop you are using. Anyway, If you use your laptop for a long time and try to restart, shutdown or sign out from it, You may face “This app (elara) is preventing you from …..” problem. Because, Your touchpad driver may become unresponsive or slower. So, Windows may have problem to close this app. I faced this problem in my Dell laptop. But, When i searched on google for the solutions, I found peoples who are using HP, Toshiba, Asus, They also faced it. Anyway, I found some useful solutions to get rid of it. Now, I will explain them.

    How to Fix Elara App is Preventing You from Sign out / Shutdown / Restarting Windows:

    Normally, This problem may appear temporarily. I mean, You may face it once or twice. It doesn’t mean you should be worry about it. It may happen. But, If you are encountering this problem, Everytime you try to shutdown your PC, You will need to take steps to resolve the issue. You can follow these things.

    Method 1: Checking for Windows and Touchpad Driver Update

    You should keep your windows up to date. It keep you safe from so many security concerns and internal bugs. So, Whenever you face this problem, You should check for windows update. To do it –

    • Open Start Menu and choose Settings.
    • Go to Update & Security and click on Check for updates.
    • If you found new update available, Just install it.

    You also should keep all of your drivers up to date. As, It is a touchpad related problem, You can update your touchpad driver and see if it works.

    Method 2: Reinstalling Touchpad with latest Version

    It is a very simple method. Just remove the existing driver and software. Then install it again. Here are the details.

    • Press Windows Key + X from keyboard and select Programs and Features.
    • Now, Find the touchpad software/driver and uninstall it.

    uninstall dell touchpad to fix elara app problem

    • Restart PC.
    • Download the latest version from your notebook manufacture website and install it in your PC.

    If your touchpad software is corrupted, This method can fix this issue.

    Method 3: Use Windows Default Touchpad Driver to Fix Elara App Prevening Problem

    When you install windows 10 or 8 in your notebook or laptop, You won’t need anything to install to make your touchpad active. Your touchpad will work fine without any third-party software installation. Just keep it alone. Probably, You won’t face Elara app is keeping system from restarting or shutdown problem.

    Method 4: Reset Windows

    Sometimes, Your PC may perform slowly. Elara or any other app may prevent your PC to shutdown or restart without any problem. Even no common fixes may not work. By resetting windows, You can get rid of all these problems.

    So, These are the common fixes for this problem. If you know any better method, You can share with us.