Why Is Using Electronic Devices in Bed Harmful for Your Health?

Why Is Using Electronic Devices in Bed Harmful for Your Health?

October 9, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    We can hardly survive without the convenience of handy electronics. We all are using mobile phones, tablets, net-books and laptops to connect the world in a glance. Most of the time, I do online shopping to get my belongings at the doorstep. People who are book worm like me are not holding a paperback in their hands and using e-books on their phones, tablets or laptops. We are also connecting with our far away living family and relatives by using social media sites on the tabs, phones or laptops and express our love by commenting and liking on their photos or shared status.

    laptop in your bed is harmful for health

    All the modern electronic devices have penetrated our every aspect of lives. We are living in technology surroundings. Our daily routine is getting much affected because of it and leaving a serious impact on our health. But we hardly ever discussed about it. Using these electronic devices is harmful for our health, cardiovascular system and sleep.

    Health Risks of Using Electronic devices in Bed:

    Day by day increasing numbers of technology is causing many health hazards beyond our imagination. In a report of WHO (The World Health Organization) was published that 6.9 billion cell phone subscriptions were made in 2014. So, we are using largest numbers of tech devices. Actually we never thought of their side effects on our health. Today I am going to discuss how electronic devices are spoiling our health condition.

    Using mobiles and tablets before bed affect lack of sleep.

    Sticking eyes on the phones, tablets or laptops you and your children send texts, mails, read e-books, play games or browse on various websites before bed. Besides many people are working late hour at night, starting day so early and consuming more caffeine to stay active whole day. These are primary reason that you are lacking sleep.

    Electronic light is also a factor that can inhibit your sleep. The UV rays coming from your tablets or mobiles are affecting your circadian rhythm. It is the pattern of your physical, mental and attitude changes which is undergone by a person whole day. It gets affected by brightness and darkness and keeps you alert more at night. Maybe this can be an ideal reason that your body is not going to feel sleepy before 4 a.m.

    Uses of modern devices at day or night are both harmful. People who spent more time before electronics screen in days (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, video games and televisions) take extra time to fall asleep.

    Deprived sleep or difficulty to sleep connects with many health problems like cardiovascular risk, overweight, hypertension, diabetes and many more. Let’s know them in details.  

    1. Increase cardiovascular risks.

    You need balanced sleep to lead a healthy life. We are engaged to our smartphones and other devices 24/7. Using them continuously you can develop higher risks of deadly illness like cardiovascular disorder because of lesser sleep. Approximately 50 to 70 million Americans undergo chronic sleep disorder and this leads them to cardiovascular diseases gradually.

    A research of National Commission on Sleep Disorders estimates that 38 thousand annual deaths occurred due to heart disease and 42 million dollars have been cost in medical.

    1. Using smart devices in bed cause hypertension.

    A 2013 study published in Sleep Medicine that lesser nighttime sleep is connected with higher risk of developing hypertension. Lack of sleep and deprived sleep damages your heart condition. These also pressurized blood flow through the arteries for a long duration. It also causes your body to retain high levels of sodium that lead you to hypertension. Else people who sleep less than 5 hours are in 60 percent of hypertension risk.

    1. Uses of your phones & tablets can cause diabetes.

    Staying awake at night hamper body’s ability to manage glucose level through insulin. It inhibits the glucose utilization and cause diabetes. According to a 2003 study printed in Diabetes Care, people who slept less than 5 hours per night had 37% risk of developing diabetes within 10 years.

    A 2005 study of Diabetes care tells that disturbed and broken nap for prolonged 5 years can increase risk for type 2 diabetes over a 12 years period.

    1. Modern Technology is reliable for increased numbers of obesity and additional belly fat.

    Unusual circadian rhythm and consequent snoozing at night may trigger obesity. The circadian rhythms regulate our sleep and awaken. It also manages our activeness and inactiveness. It produces fat cells and triglycerides when you are staying active more at night. It also increases fat around your waist and belly. Fat around belly and waist is hardly can get rid of.

    1. Spending Time on your electronic devices increase LDL and decrease HDL cholesterol.

    LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) is harmful cholesterol. On the other hand, HDL means High-density lipoprotein which is good cholesterol that we need. Increase level of LDL clog arteries and cause heart attacks. Staying awake at night increase LDL in the body and prevent oxygen enriched blood flow in the arteries and create arterial blockage. HDL control excess amount of LDL. Higher level of LDL level means lesser HDL in body.

    1. It also elevated high Triglyceride level.

    Triglyceride is a fat that can be found in blood. Higher level of triglyceride increase heart disease and heart attack. Lack of sleep increase triglyceride level in blood.

    In a meanwhile, we can say that using electronic devices before bed downgrade sleep. Then you might encounter other deadly health issues regarding this.