How to Enable Night Shift Mode on iOS 9.3


iOS 9.3 has been introduced with several awesome features. But one special feature “Night Shift Mode” has attracted me more. Apple hopes this will help users to have better sleep.

According to many researchers, Bright blue lights emitted by iOS devices in the evening can harm your sleep. It can keep you awake later at night than you want. So, Apple brought this feature that can reduce the blue light emitted by your iphone or ipad at night which will help you to have better sleep at night.

How to Enable Night Shift Feature in iPhone, iPad:

To turn it on –

  • Navigate to Settings > Display & Brightness
  • Now select Night Shift to view all of the related options
  • You will see two switch of Schedule and Manually Enabling
  • You can schedule this feature when it should be turned on and off automatically by setting up the time
enable night shift apple
Image Credit: Sarah Mitroff/CNET
  • By toggling Manually Enable Until Tomorrow, You can enable this feature from this time to tomorrow.
  • You will also see a slider to change color quality from More warm to less warm

I guess, Night shift feature seems weird to you. But after using it for several days, You will start liking this latest apple’s magic.

Who can Run Night Shift Tool:

Now, Question may arise “Is my device is eligible to run night shift tool?”. This feature will support the devices with 64 bit processor. That means iPhone 6 and newer, iPad Pro, iPad Air will be able to run this feature.


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