How to Encrypt Android Phone or Tab Easily

How to Encrypt Android Phone or Tab Easily

August 27, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    In this modern era, Peoples are more conscious of security. Most peoples are using smartphone, tab, PC or any smart gadgets. Android is a popular platform of phones and tab. Obviously, You want to secure your personal files and data in your android device. Probably, You are using pin, password or pattern lock to protect your files. But is it enough? In one word, No. So, You should encrypt android device to protect your data. Don’t worry. You can do it very easily. In this article, You will know it.

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    Why You Should Encrypt Android Device:

    Normally, If you secure your file by a PIN / Password or Pattern, It is still possible to get access those personal files. Normal secured data can be read by following some special ways. When, You encrypt your files, It is almost impossible to read those things without proper credentials. Only, You can access your data by entering a pin or password. It looks very simple. But, To other peoples, It doesn’t look so simple. They must know your credential to break the security. Even, They won’t be able to access encrypted personal files with ADB or any bootloader. Even, Deleted encrypted files can’t be recovered with any recovery apps or programs.

    If your encrypted android device goes to any third-person, Your data will be safe. Even, No malicious app can track your files. It is a very good reason to encrypt your phone.

    A Few Things to Keep in Mind:

    If you wish to encrypt your device, It will be wise decision. Still there is a think, You will have to keep in your mind. Encryption can cause less or more performance decrease. If you encrypt your old android device, You may experience poor performance issue. Your device will be slower. For modern device, It won’t cause so much performance issue. But, Still it will be noticeable. Another, Problem – A few devices offer unencrypt feature. That means, Most of the time, You may not have any chance to remove encryption without factory reset. So, Before going forward, Think twice.

    How to Encrypt Your Android Device:

    When security concern is a big matter, You can decide to encrypt your smartphone / tab. It is a wise decision indeed. There are two major ways to do it. I’ll explain both.

    Encrypt Android Device Using Built-in Feature:

    Every android phones come with its own security features. If you are using lollipop, Marshmallow even earlier kitkat or any other older versions,  Follow those things given below.

    • First of all, Navigate to Settings > Security.
    • Here, You should see the encryption options like “Encrypt Phone” or “Encrypt Tablet”.
    • just tap on it. You may be asked to connect your charger and it may shows you several notices and warnings. Just go ahead and do your job.

    In some devices, You may not see any encryption options in security settings. In that case, Do these things:

    • If you can’t see any thing like these, Just Tap on Screen lock and set your preferred options.
    • Go back to Security and tap on Smart Lock. Here you can choose your preferred protection from On-body detection, Trusted places, Trusted devices, Trusted face and Trusted voice. Setting up these things are very easy. Just follow on screen instructions.
    • Now, Navigate to Settings > Storage.
    • Probably, You will find the options like “Phone storage encryption” and “Encrypt SD card content”. Tap on them and follow on screen options.
    • Your phone must have at least 80% charge available. This process may take a few minutes or 1 or two hours to be finished. It depends on many things.

    After encrypting your android phone, You can’t unencrypt it without reset. Encrypted files, photos, music can be access by a password, pin or pattern depends on your preference.

    Encrypt Android Phone / Tab. Using Third Party App:

    If your device has not such features for encryption, You may look forward to any popular third-party app. But, Choose wisely, Which app you are going to use to encrypt android phone. Don’t pick any ordinary app. It can damage your personal files or cause serious problem in your phone that only can be fixed by factory reset.

    Here are some popular options, That you can pick.

    1. Crypto Ghost- File Encryption
    2. SSE – Universal Encryption App
    3. Crypten : Encryption
    4. Safe Camera – Photo Encryption

    You can find all of them in google play store.

    Hope, This article will help you to encrypt your android device. If you have any thing better suggestion, You can share by comment.