Error 0x800CCC13 in Outlook – How to Fix

Error 0x800CCC13 in Outlook – How to Fix

October 9, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    We use outlook app to exchange emails. Specially, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows mobile users use it most. Because, These windows comes with builin outlook app. But you may face an error code 0x800CCC13 with outlook. A message may appear like Error 0x800CCC13 Cannot connect to the network. This is a common outlook error that users may face anytime. This outlook error prevents you to sending and receiving emails. Many builtin outlook in windows 10 and outlook 2013 users have reported this error.

    Fixing Outlook Error 0x800CCC13 is not Complicated

    The users who upgraded to windows 10 from previous windows versions are the main victim. You may face this error cannot connect to the network even you are using a good internet connection. But don’t worry. Like other apps error, It also has solution.

    Easiest Solutions to Fix Error 0x800CCC13 Cannot connect to the network in Outlook:

    This error may appear for some corrupted system files. It also can be caused by your poor internet connection. Anyway, Fixing corrupted system files can fix this error. But it is not complicated as you think. You can do it so easily. Anyway, Let’s know the steps to fix error 0x800CCC13.

    Step 1: At first you will have to open command prompt with administrator. To do it –

    • Press Ctrl + X and select Command Prompt (Admin).

    Step 2: After opening command prompt with administrator, You will have to type a command and press Enter. The command is sfc /scannow. Now wait for a few minutes to finish the progress. It will fix all corrupted system file automatically.

    Step 3: After finishing the progress, Close command prompt. The launch your outlook app. Then try to send an email. Email should be sent without appearing the error 0x800CCC13 cannot connect to the network.

    Step 4: If you still face the error 0x800CCC13, Repeat the first two steps again. Hope, You will be able to fix the outlook app error.

    What if You Face Error 0x800CCC13 for Network Issue:

    Sometimes, This error may appear for network issue with your internet connection. In that case, You can try to outlook app in different network. You also can use VPN and see if it resolves the error.

    These are the easiest solutions to fix outlook network error 0x800CCC13. If these don’t work, Reinstall outlook app.