Error 80073CFB Windows Phone – How to Fix

Error 80073CFB Windows Phone – How to Fix

September 28, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Windows phone users may not face so many errors like android users. But some issues may interrupt you. Error 80073CFB is one of them. This is not an old error. Recently, Many users have reported this error. This error code 80073cfb can be appeared for several reasons. Like google play store error in android, This error is store related. That means this is a windows phone store error. When you try to install or update any apps from windows store, Your update or installation may be interrupted with an error message. If the message contains the code 80073cfb, You should be sure it is windows tore error 80073cfb. The message is like this one “There is a problem completing your request. Try again later. Inquiring minds might find this error code helpful: 80073cfb“.

    Error 80073CFB Windows Store Screenshot

    But don’t worry. I always love to find and give solutions. But you should know that this error appears in windows phone 8.1 frequently. But some windows 10 mobile users are also facing error 80073cfb. So, Every windows phone users should know the solutions.

    How to Fix Error 080073CFB on Windows Mobile:

    This windows store error can be solved by following these methods.

    1. Refreshing Windows Phone to Fix Error 80073cfb:

    This method can be your first method. When i faced this windows store related error, I tried this method and found the problem has been solved.

    • Open windows store.
    • Check for new updates.
    • After that you will see the available updates.
    • Tap and hold on each app. Select cancel. By this way cancel all updates. Also cancel existing downloading process. (If you are downloading any apps).
    • Close windows store and everything.
    • Restart windows phone.
    • Open windows store again.
    • Now check for new updates. Or install your app again.
    • Now see you are not facing windows store error 80073cfb.

    2. Modify Date & Time Setting:

    Sometimes, Windows store related errors can be appeared for incorrect date and time settings. So you also should check it. To do it –

    • At first, Cancel all installations and update process.
    • Stop / close all background process.
    • Now go to date and time setting from the Settings.
    • Change your date and time setting to automatic.
    • Now open windows store and try to install/update apps.
    • It should fix error 80073cfb. Sometimes, You may need to restart your phone after changing date & time setting.

    3. Fix Region Setting:

    Some users never noticed that their handset is set to incorrect region. As a result, They may encounter many store related errors. So correct your region. To do it –

    • Go to Settings > Region.
    • Then select your actual region.
    • Restart your mobile.
    • Now you should not face error 80073cfb in windows store.

    4. Remove App and Re-Install:

    If you face error 80073cfb for any particular app installed on your phone, You can follow this method. Just remove that app. Restart your windows mobile and install the app again.

    5. Reset Windows Phone:

    This is the last method to fix windows store error code 80073cfb. If you can’t do anything in windows store for this error, You can reset your windows phone. But don’t forget to backup your data before doing it.

    These method should fix error 80073cfb. If you know any better solution, You can share with us.