Easy Ways to Explore Control Panel In Windows 10

Easy Ways to Explore Control Panel In Windows 10

October 29, 2018 By kirsten

    Control Panel- The heart of Windows! You need to navigate to it for unlimited reasons. Windows 10 has provided a new Settings app so that you don’t need to dig into it. But unfortunately it doesn’t succeed to do so. There are many settings, tools and many more that you will only find in it. Else, it is also hidden in windows 10 compared to earlier versions of 7, 8, & 8.1.

    search control panel windows 10

    How to Easily Start Control Panel In Windows 10:

    How many ways you know to access control panel? Well, there are several ways to explore it. I will discuss about them in details below.

    1. Cortana Search:

    You can explore control panel by using the fastest digital assistant of Microsft “Cortana”. You just have to tap or click inside the search box and type “Control Panel”. Then you will find many appropriate results including it and click on that. Else, you can also talk to Cortana and say “Hey Cortana Open Control Panel”.

    2. Windows+X Menu:

    Actually, I love using Windows+X menu that implies keyboard shortcut. You can also try just right clicking on the Start button to open or tap on it and hold on it. In the Wind+X menu you will find “Control Panel”, click or tap on it.

    3. Explore the Program Via Run Menu:

    Open Run or Press Windows+R to open its dialog. Enter Control Panel and enter it or press ok.

    4. Open the Program Using Command Prompt:

    • Click on Start Button and open start menu. Type cmd and now select Command Prompt to open.
    • Now, type Control Panel in the command Propmt and press enter.

    5. Windows PowerShell to Open the Program:

    • Click on Start Button and type powershell. Then select Windows PowerShell.
    • Type Control Panel in the PowerShell and press Enter.

    6. You Can Pin Control Panel To The Start Menu & Taskbar:

    It will be wise decision, If you pin control panel in start menu or taskbar. After doing it, You can be able to access control panel faster. To do it –

    pin control panel windows

    • Open Start Menu and type control panel.
    • Right click on Control Panel and select Pin to Start to place it on start menu and select Pin to taskbar to place it on taskbar.
    • After doing it, You can easily access it any time.


    Here are all the easier and simpler methods I got to know for your Windows 10 Control Panel. You are free to share any other ways if you already know that will help our other readers Windows 10 users to know.