Best Facebook Messenger Alternatives You Must Try Now

Best Facebook Messenger Alternatives You Must Try Now

October 29, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Being an iOS or Android user you may use social networking apps like Instagram, Twitter, and many more.  But the central thing is most of the Smartphone users are using Facebook app for compulsory to stay in touch with friends virtually. Facebook app forcefully comes with an extra app to install on your phone “Messenger”. Everyone don’t welcome it cheerfully as it comes with lots of negative aspects for the phone. So, you may want to uninstall Facebook and use FB Lite instead if it. Else, there are also other alternatives you can use on your Smartphone.

    Top 5 facebook messenger alternatives

    Why Am I Searching for Facebook Messenger Alternatives?

    Indeed, It is the most popular app for recent time. To increase user’s satisfaction Facebook’s launched messenger. So that users can easily share, call, video call and many more options. It can be a faster messaging app but with some disadvantages. Let’s know those disadvantages.

    • Windows desktop user can longer use messenger as it is urned off.
    • Messenger has no available version for Mac users.
    • Android and iOS Smartphone works slower and drains battery life also.
    • If the messenger app gets hanged or don’t work properly you don’t know how to log out of it.

    Best Alternatives for Facebook Messenger:

    Messenger is one the malfunctioning apps to avoid by many users. To stay connected with your all friends always you may want to know about alternatives of messenger. There are many choices to install now as a replacement. Let’s know them here in details.

    1. Facebook Messenger Lite:

    It is the smaller version of facebook messenger. It is light weighted. This app requires less ram usage and space than the original version. It is mainly developed for the people who live in slow internet region. Else, you can also use this app in older smartphone versions. It is mostly similar like facebook messenger and works smoothly in older Android phones with low internet coverage. Unfortunately, It is not available every regions. If you don’t find it in play store, You may try to get an apk from any trusted source.

    Get Messenger Lite


    Disa is a multi messenger service. You can unite many messaging service under one roof. In this app, all the messaging account works by a third-party open source plug-in. So, it makes suitable list for you to use.

    You have to download the official app first. Then add the facebook messenger plug-in and it will be downloaded from the external source.


    1. Trillian:

    If you are an avid user of multiple social networking sites then you must be happy to know that “Trillian” is one of multi-accounts service provider. Not only Facebook or WhatsApp, you can use access Google, Yahoo, AIM and many more. You need to create a Trillian account after installing the app. That account will help you to log into the app. Then go to “Settings” and select “Facebook” from the given options. So, now you can log-in to your facebook account. You will be glad to know that you can use multiple facebook account from your Trillian app.

    Get Trillian

    1. Metal for Facebook:

    Originally, this app is a mobile website wrapper in an app. You can chat directly from the app. It is a lightweight app to use. You will get a feeling of using a browser while you’re using it. There’s a background for Android websites and just login to your account by using Chrome for Android. So, the chrome browser will run the background web service. It will notify you when you got any new message. Actually, it is similar to use Chrome for the Facebook user.

    Get Metal for Facebook

    1. Friendly:

    Friendly is an ad supported app for android and iOS. It combines Facebook and messenger into one place. It offers a full-bodied browsing experience. You can enable custom colors, text sizes, touch ID or passcode to ensure extra security for your account. As, it’s an ad supported app so you can buy the permanent ad-free version for only $1.99.

    Get Friendly for Android

    Get Friendly for iOS


    Who likes to use facebook and messenger separately? So, you may end up searching the alternatives in our today’s article. In the play store, you can get many suggestions when you will search. Don’t go for them. They are just the web wrap with a lot of fancy name and included too many commercial ads. If you’re an avid user of messenger then you can download the, Friendly and Trillian. If you’re an occasional user of messenger then Metal for Facebook will be a better option. Stay tuned and give us friendlier messenger alternatives you’re using or have used in the comment box below.