Fix File System Error  (-1073741819), (-2018375670) on Windows

Fix File System Error (-1073741819), (-2018375670) on Windows

October 18, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    In Windows 10, When you try to open anything, You may encounter weird problems related to disk. Now, You will know about some ways to fix file system error (-1073741819) and (-2018375670) which are two of them. But, This error may come with other error codes like -1073545193, -2144926975, -1073740791, etc.

    File System Error (-1073741819) Screenshot

    Why do you encounter this type of problems? These problems are mostly related to the disk storage issues. It means bad sectors on your hard disk is mainly responsible for this error. But, Faulty system file, virus problems or any other things beyond our estimation can bring this error on our PC.

    How to Fix File System Error (-1073741819), (-2018375670)

    Don’t worry! There are ways to solve your problem. You will just need to understand and follow them accordingly. But, If you can’t do anything normally, you may try to follow these methods in safe mode. Read: How to boot into safe mode.

    Solution 1: Run CHKDSK Command

    When there is anything to troubleshoot related to disk, we suggest users run chkdsk command as it can repair common hard disk errors. Don’t you know how to run this command? Follow these instructions.

    • First of all, You will need to open the start menu.
    • Then, Type “cmd”. After that, you should see the Command Prompt on the search result.
    • Now, Right click on the command prompt and choose “Run as Administrator”.
    • This time, type chkdsk /f and press enter.
    • It may ask “Chkdsk cannot run because the volume is in the use by another process. Would you like to schedule this volume to be checked the next time the system restarts?”. Don’t worry, just press Y and hit enter.
    • Restart your computer.

    Now, Windows will automatically scan and solve common hard disk issues. It also may fix file system error (-1073741819) and (-2018375670).

    Solution 2: Clean Boot

    Still getting the error? You can probably run clean boot to troubleshoot this problem! If you don’t know how to do it, follow the tips to perform clean boot. It will disable all third-party applications and services that run immediately after your PC starts. As a result, there will be a very little chance of third-party app conflicts.

    By the way, If you see that you are not encountering file system error (-2018375670) or (-1073741819) now, what it means? Probably, There was a third-party app that was creating conflicts with storage. It can be any antivirus or any other programs. Try to identify it and uninstall from your PC.

    Solution 3: Scan for Virus

    Doing above things should fix our problem. But, Sometimes, You may still experience the same problem. In this case, You can scan the whole PC with a good antivirus program to remove viruses.

    Solution 4: Disk Cleanup

    It is another possible method to repair file system error -1073741819. If you don’t know how to run disk cleanup, follow these instructions.

    Solution 5: Update Windows

    Is there any pending update? You should check and install any pending Windows update. Sometimes, It may fix file system error (-1073741819) or any similar problems.

    Solution 6: New Administrator Account

    People often find this method helps to get rid of this type of problem. All you will need to do is just open a new administrator user account. Then, Login to the new account. Now, You should no longer face any file system errors. But, It still persists, delete the old admin account and see if it helps.

    Solution 7: Reset Store Cache

    Sometimes, You may experience the problem only when you try to open windows store apps. In this case, To fix file system error (-2018375670), you can reset store cache. To do it,

    • Open RUN by pressing on Win + R on the keyboard.
    • Now, Type wsreset and hit enter.

    Solution 8: Repair Corrupted System Files

    If none of the above methods help you, you can take steps to fix corrupted system files. In this case, You can run system file checker as the first step. Here are the instructions.

    • At first, Open the command prompt as administrator like method 1.
    • Now, Type the following command and press enter.
    sfc /scannow
    • This process may take a bit long time to complete. But, After that, You should not reencounter the problem.

    It means running system file checker command may solve file system error (-1073741819) & (-2018375670). But, Wait! If you still encounter the problem, what you will do? Well, There are some other steps to repair faulty system files. Follow instructions from this article.

    These are the most common and useful methods to fix file system error (-1073741819) or similar problems. I hope any of the methods will work.