Add Files to Multiple Folders in Google Drive without Copying

Add Files to Multiple Folders in Google Drive without Copying

August 15, 2018 By Xtremerain Editorial Team

    Your Google Drive is a great way to share files and documents with others. You can keep your documents required by making different folders. How will you keep same file in different folders if you need? Well, there is a way to do so. Let me say if you copy same file in many folder, it will occupy more space. So, your drive will need more space as you copied same files in different folder. Today I am going to tell you trick, how to add same file, presentation or picture in multiple folders without wasting Google drive’s storage space.


    Add Files to Multiple Folders in Google Drive Without Copying & Wasting Drive’s Space:

    This feature without copying and adding files in multiple folders is very simple. It makes duplicate folder of the same file in different folder. The biggest advantage of this feature is you make changes to any file will automatically make changes into the replicas. So, you don’t have to take effort to change same file individually. This will not only save your Google drive’s space but your time also. You should also remember if you delete one of a file from parent folder then file will be deleted from other folder too.

    Let’s know the trick of adding files to multiple folders in Google drive now.

    • Select the file. To select multiple files, windows users press Cltrl + select each file and Mac users press Command + select each file.
    • After selecting files press Shift + Z.
    • A drive’s pop-up Window will appear. Select My Drive from there.
    • Now a list will be appear with all the folders and files of your account.
    • Select the folder where you want to place the documents, Click Add here.
    • If you want to place your document in a new folder then tap on plus sign (+), select the folder and click Add here.
    • Now, you shall repeat these steps to add file in multiple folders.

    Well, you should note that you haven’t actually moved the file into different folders; you’ve just created a link in each folder that refers you to main file which is located in the original drive. To confirm this you’ve to right-click on every file and select Get shareable link. After comparing the links you will get the duplicate files.

    Remove Files Added in Multiple Folders:

    It can happen when you don’t want the added files in multiple folder anymore and you want to remove it. Let’s know how to do it.

    • Select the file in Google drive.
    • Open the Activity Sidebar.
    • You’ll see a list of all the folders that the files included in.
    • Now select the (X) symbol beside every folder to remove the file.

    How to Find Out The File’s Location:

    You’ve added files to many folders and unfortunately you can’t remember them all like in which folder particularly files are moved or added. So, you will need to track down the file’s locations on every folder.

    • Select the file in Google drive.
    • Click on Details icon in the upper-right of toolbar which looks like “i” with a circle around it.
    • Now, select the Details tab to get all the information about the particular file.
    • It will show you when the file was created, last modified and which folders it’s currently added in.

    You can also edit them and the editing changes will be reflected in all the folders where it is in. I hope this will be enough for your better Google drive experience.

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