Filmefy Lets You Find Movies, TV Shows and Create Playlist


If you want to find good movies & TV shows to watch online, this review article is for you. In this article, i’ll introduce you with an awesome media search engine that allows you to find and watch movies, TV shows etc. It is Filmefy.

Find Netflix Movies, TV Shows and Create Playlist with Filmefy

What is Filmefy:

It is a media search engine. You may take it as movie search engine too. It allows you to find awesome movies, tv shows and create your own playlist. It will also tell you the Netflix region where you can stream the movie. Example: You are searching for The Avengers movie. Filmefy will tell you which Netflix region have it available.

How It Can Help You:

Suppose, You want to watch The Avengers. You are living in USA. Unfortunately, The Avengers is not available Netflix US. Then you can search The Avengers in Filmefy. It will tell you Avengers is available in Netflix Switzerland, Netflix France, Netflix Luxembourg.

Filmefy is a complete solution. This is different than others. You already know about Spotify which is a great platform for music lovers. Filmefy is similar to Spotify. It can be a great platform for movie lovers specially the Netflix users. You can create and share your own playlists. You can discover movies and tv shows according to your mind. It allows you to like a movie and add a movie to your favorite list. By visiting top playlists, you can find the most popular movies, tv shows etc. It lets you to change your Netflix region very easily with your UnoTelly account. So you can watch any movies from any Netflix region. That means it is new world where everything is available for movie lovers.

Find Netflix Movies, TV Shows and Create Your Own Playlist with Filmefy

If you only want to search movies, No account will be needed. Because, this is a search engine. But if you want to enjoy Filmefy like Spotify or other similar services, You will need an account. You can create your account for free with your email address. You also can sign up with your UnoTelly account. After signing up, you can find movies, create playlists etc. You also can watch the movies from Netflix by a single click from your dashboard. If the movie or TV show is not available in your Netflix region, Filmefy will change your Netflix region automatically by UnoDNS. For this purpose, You will need a UnoTelly account. You can learn about UnoTelly Services from here.

Filmefy lets you add your favorite movies, TV shows in your public or private playlist, favorite list etc. You can share your own public playlist with others. You also can browse movies and tv shows according to category such as Action, Anime, TV, Horror etc. You also can find all good and popular movies from top playlist. All necessary options are available in your dashboard.

To create an account, Visit Filmefy Website.

Our Score:



Recently, We tasted Filmefy service. We have a great exeprience with it. It is in Beta version right now. But it is performing very well. If you are a Netflix user or movie lover, You will like it. After reviewing everything, I must recommend you to try it.