Easiest Ways to find your iPhone’s IMEI Number


The IMEI number (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) is the unique identification of a device including your iPhone. It can be useful to track your lost or stolen iPhone. Earlier, it was easy for iPhone users to know the IMEI number as it was printed on the back of the phone. But since the launch of iPhone 6, Apple has discontinued the printing of IMEI number on the back of the device. So how do you know the IMEI number of your iPhone? Don’t worry there are many ways to retrieve IMEI number of your iPhone.

6 easy ways to know your iPhone’s IMEI number.

  1. From the device itself

If your iPhone is working fine, you can easily get the IMEI number by following the steps given below

  • Go to Settings ->General -> About
  • Scroll down the screen until you see “Serial Number” listed on the left. You will see a string of numbers against the Serial Number which is the IMEI number of your iPhone.
  • You can write it down or copy it on your device. Just tap on the Serial number and hold on till Copy dialog appears. Tap on Copy and paste the number to the desired location in your iPhone.
  1. Dial a code to know iPhone’s IMEI number

  • Open your iPhone’s dialer app and type *#06#
  • The moment you type the last digit, you will see the IMEI number on your iPhone’s display.
  1. From iTunes

 You can also know the IMEI number of your iPhone through iTunes. Here are the steps to follow

  • Connect your iPhone to Mac or PC using the Lightning cable
  • Launch iTunes on Mac or PC
  • From the top-right, click on Devices
  • Select your iPhone from the list of Devices
  • Go to the Summary tab in iTunes
  • You will see the IMEI number listed there
  1. From your phone backup

If your iPhone is stolen or lost, you can still get the IMEI number from phone backup taken by iTunes. Here are steps to follow

  • Launch iTunes on your computer
  • Go to Preferences -> Devices
  • You will see the list of backups for your iPhone. Hover your mouse cursor on the backup name and you will see the IMEI number displayed along with other important information.
  1. On the Device Packaging

It is the easiest way to know your iphone’s IMEI number. The original retail box has a sticker pasted on one of its sides. The sticker contains useful information about your iPhone including the IMEI number.

  1. From the SIM tray

The iPhone’s IMEI number is also printed on the SIM tray. So all you need to do is take out the SIM tray by using SIM ejector tool. Remove the SIM card from the tray and you will see the IMEI printed on the SIM tray.

It is always a safer practice to note down the IMEI number of your iPhone. The IMEI number is useful in locating your iPhone when you send it to the service center, for insurance records or while selling it.


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