How to Fix Adaptive Brightness (Auto Brightness) Problem in Windows

How to Fix Adaptive Brightness (Auto Brightness) Problem in Windows

August 10, 2018 By kirsten

    Adaptive brightness is a cool feature. But, It can be worst, If it doesn’t work properly. Sometimes, You may experience automatic brightness up-down problem in windows. This may annoy you repeatedly which is definitely bad for you eyes. So, You must know the ways to fix adaptive brightness  problem in windows.

    In modern versions of Windows, Microsoft introduced a new feature called adaptive brightness. Most modern laptops and tabs come with ambient light sensors which detect the level of light surrounding display screen. Adaptive brightness control laptop screen brightness automatically by ambient light sensor. It is pretty helpful for battery life. This feature contains in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1. Recently, Some windows users face auto brightness problem in their PC which is deeply related to this feature.

    It may become annoying when it increases and reduces brightness very frequently without a valid reason. Sometimes for technical error on ambient light sensor, Auto brightness may not work properly. So, You should know take steps to get rid of this problem.

    How to Fix Adaptive Brightness Problem on Windows:

    If ambient light censor works incorrectly in your PC, You will face annoying display brightness related problem. Else, For technical glitches in drivers or windows, You also may experience brightness problem. It can be solved by three ways. First one is disabling Adaptive Contrast Enhancement. Another one is disabling Adaptive Brightness feature. Last one is disabling Sensor Monitoring Service. But, Before trying these methods, I strongly recommend you to update your display driver. Because, Outdated display driver can be a good reason for this problem.

    1. Disable Adaptive Contrast Enhancement to Fix Auto Brightness Issue:

    You can disable this feature by following the instructions below.

    • Open Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel.
    • Now click on Advanced and click OK.
    • Navigate to Media > Image Enhancement.
    • Uncheck Adaptive Contrast Enhancement. Also uncheck Film Mode Detection.
    • Click on Apply and OK.

    Now, Restart your PC and see, If it works.

    2. Disable Adaptive Brightness Feature on Windows:

    You can disable adaptive brightness feature by following the steps below.

    Step 1: Opening Power Options

    To do it –

    • Click on Start Button or Open Start menu.
    • Type power options.
    • Click on Power Options.

    Step 2: Opening Power Settings

    To do it –

    • Click on Change Plan Settings or your current power plan.
    • Now click on change advanced power settings.
    • You will see the advanced power settings window.

    Step 3: Modifying Adaptive Brightness Settings

    This is the last step. Follow the instructions below –

    • Scroll down and find the Display section.
    • If you find display section, Click on it.
    • Now click on Enable adaptive brightness to expend it.
    • Now turn it Off for battery and plugged in.

    If you are using built-in intel HD graphics, You can do another thing that also can disable this feature to fix auto brightness up and down problem in windows. Here are details:

    • Open Intel HD Graphics Properties. You will find it by right clicking on desktop.
    • Now, Go to Power > On Battery.
    • Then, Disable Display Power Saving Technology.

    I hope, This will solve your problem.

    3. Disable Sensor Monitoring Service to Fix Adaptive Brightness Problem:

    To do it –

    • Open RUN. You also can press Windows Flag Key + R from your keyboard.
    • Type services.msc and press Enter.
    • Now find Sensor Monitoring Service in Services window.
    • Double click on it.
    • Now set startup type as Disable.
    • Click on Apply and OK.

    By this way, You can easily fix adaptive brightness issue on windows.

    If you are still experiencing this problem, You can search on microsoft answer forum for best solutions. I’ll also try to update this article with more solutions.