Fix Android Gallery Showing Odd Folders and Images

Fix Android Gallery Showing Odd Folders and Images

September 29, 2018 By alberto

    The most popular mobile operating system android has more issues. Everyday users are facings so many problems. Today, I’ll introduce with another problem of android. Probably you have faced it too. Sometimes, Your android gallery app may shows unexpected folders and pictures along with good photos. You may see facebook messenger’s stickers and other apps’ assets in gallery app. It looks weird and it hampers your experience. Personally, I’ve also faced this gallery showing odd folders and images problem. But, I was lucky because i could fix this problem very easily.

    gallaery app showing other forlders

    I’ve faced this problem in my HTC handset. The model is 728 desire. I found online that many peoples have faced this problem with their Samsung galaxy, Sony etc. handsets.  I think, Any smartphone based on android can shows you this problem. Anyway, It’s time to know how you can get rid of this annoying problem.

    How to Fix Android Gallery App Showing Other Folders and Images Problem:

    You can fix this problem by following two methods. I’ll share both of these methods. Though the second one did not fix 100% for me. I could resolve the issue by first one. Let’s know all of these –

    Method 1: Deselect Albums

    It is very easy and probably the best way to fix gallery showing odd folders and photos problem. To do it, Follow these instructions-

    • Open Gallery App
    • Tap on three dot where you will find Show/Hide Albums. Different smartphones come with different ways to find this option. So, You may need to do a simple research by yourself. I’m describing for HTC Desire and One series phones.
    • Now, You will see all the album list including all unnecessary folders. Tap on three dot.
    • Now, Tap on Deselect All.

    deselect albums gallery

    • Then, Mark the albums which you want to see in gallery app.

    gallery album select

    • Tap on Save.

    Now, See your problem has been solved.

    Method 2: Create .nomedia File

    After following first method, You should do this method too. Because, It will prevent the future newly created app albums to be shown in gallery app. To do it, Follow these things –

    • Download Root Browser or ES File Explorer
    • Now, Navigate to storage > emulated > 0 > .data by the downloaded file manager.
    • Tap on new and create a new file named .nomedia and save it.

    nomedia root browser

    • Now, Restart your mobile.

    If you follow these things, I’m sure you will be able to fix gallery app is showing odd folders and facebook stickers problem.